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Techstep albums with as much charm as the entries in this article can mold your mood to match their energy. Don't believe me? Well, try them out yourself...

Shogun Audio - Icicle - Entropy

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Winter is coming as Icicle returns to the fore with his sophomore album, Entropy, released November 17th through Shogun Audio. Delivering his most developed and ferocious music to date, Icicle unleashes a tirade of bass weight, ready to blow the eyes and ears of the electronic music world into next year. Leaning from grime infested urban electronica through to emotionally charged trip hop and full on trademark sci-fi drum bass, the resulting Entropy is one of the most prime and compelling examples of hybrid dance music yet seen in 2014.

My first album 'Under The Ice', was an attempt to showcase my influences and where I came from musically, it was in a sense retrospective. This new album is more of a look into what I think the future of this sound could be. The term Entropy means a state of disorder or 'measure of chaos' which I felt was a great metaphor for how my production style has evolved, diversified and developed over the years.

While the cinematic interludes lay out a path of ever increasing entropy, I've drawn in vocals from some of my favourite MCs, Skittles, SP:MC and Foreign Beggars Metropolis alongside the very talented Sarah Hezen to join the dots between the energetic and the more musical moments. Entropy' is a statement as to my personal progress in musicality and technique, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as Ive enjoyed making it. Icicle


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Icicle - Entropy by Shogun Audio

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RESIST:ED SIX by Various Artists

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We're starting 2021 off with compilation number six. Featuring the usual high quality selection from label regulars plus some additional names joining us for the first release of the year!

RESIST:ED SIX by Various Artists

- Black Sun Empire - Cruel and Unusual (FULL ALBUM)

Absolute banger album with an incredible bass that will take you to another dimension. Love this work of BSE, these guys totally rock the Drum Bass scene. Enjoy! If this material happens to be yours, have no fear, my sweet child! Drop an e-mail to and it should be alright. Leave the report button for other purposes.

Moren Nalië said: '0:00 - The Cooler

7:00 - Boris The Blade

13:47 - Bitemark

21:34 - Masquerade

28:33 - Hideous

35:18 - Everything

42:18 - Sideways

48:56 - Future Frame

56:19 - Breathe, BSE Remix 1

1:02:49 - Breathe, BSE Remix 2

1:09:39 - Stranded'

Cretzu Blogaretzu said: 'Sweeeeet! I am listening a lot to their podcasts, but the albums. I think. is their greatest work. Driving Insane always takes me back :)'

Ghiaccio Frame said: 'This is the exact thing my ears needed to hear! Some good old Black Sun Empire! Really gets me in a good mood!'

Black Sun Empire - Cruel and Unusual (FULL ALBUM) by

01010100 Various Artists 001 by 01010100 Records

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Optical ☣ - 20YearsOfOpticalLP

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Tracks from the 20YearsOfOpticalLP out on Virus in 2016!! It includes remastered classic tracks and rare and unreleased tracks from over the last 20 years.

Get it on iTunes now: smarturl.itVRS014LP1

20YearsOfOpticalLP by Optical ☣

Valves Terminal (2019 Remaster) by Neotech

Valves  Terminal (2019 Remaster) by Neotech song img

Originally released on Moving Shadow Records in the mid 90's.

Previously unavailable as WAV. Remastered for 2019.

I wanted to release rerecorded versions of my earlier music as the technology now exists to get them sounding closer to what i heard in my head as i made them" Dom Roland

Valves Terminal (2019 Remaster) by Neotech

Serge Petrushenko - Powered dnb sounds

Powered dnb sounds by Serge Petrushenko song img

- Pacific Heights - Frozen Fears (2003) Full Album


00:00:00 01 The Sorcerer

00:07:33 02 Polarized

00:14:15 03 Salvation

00:20:41 04 Ghost Dream

00:27:22 05 Soul Voyage

00:34:20 06 Sailing Spirit

00:43:01 07 Nekana

00:51:06 08 Hidden Half

00:58:54 09 Eye In The Sky

01:05:48 10 Coloured Rain


01:12:12 11 Sorcerer (Remixed By Blame)(Edit)

01:16:24 12 Soul Voyage (Remixed By The Numbers)(Edit)

01:21:29 13 Nekana (Remixed By Vice Versa)(Edit)

01:26:43 14 Coloured Rain (Remixed By Motive)(Edit)


Co-producer, Engineer M. Petrie.

Keyboards D. Wright (tracks: 10).

Mastered By Chris Chetland.

Written By, Producer D. Abrams.

All rights to published music belong to their authors or legal owners. If you like this music, buy a licensed disc or digital release.

Kelly B. McDonald said: 'I always say music is a treasure!!! Thank You!!! When I play this it's like saying to myself: "The doctor is in"'

Pacific Heights - Frozen Fears (2003) Full Album by

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