Talia Perez's "Success" is Successful


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A fierce battle cry of a track, Talia Perez's "Success" is its own namesake; a success.

It's fiery positivity ignited with passion. It's good stuff.

Jazmine Sullivan meets EDM with a dash of positivity...

Talia Perez slaps her signature sound on your eardrums with this one - issuing a challenge to the world with each verse.

"Ain't got time to snooze..."

There's nothing but the weight. You've been waiting for this...

Your eyes close and, suddenly, you're in flow. Busy surroundings blow away as beads of sweat drip from your chin.

One more rep. One last set. One last breath.

"We gon' spread our wings."

There's a strong allegiance to trap in "Success," mixed methodically with the trappings of pop EDM. Clicks, whirrs and claps circumnavigate a muffled bomb of a bass drum.

Unlike trap, this track is all positivity and Perez doesn't hold back. She's spitting soul - conquering lyrics in the spirit of the song.


There's some serious Janelle Monae influence sneaking into Talia's vocals. Singing along'll leave you out of breath. Fast paced and forceful without missing moments for dynamic inflection... It's neat and gnarly.

You're bound to appreciate this track if pop's your poison, but anyone looking for uplifting music will be pleased with "Success." Listen and love.

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