Tadhg Daly's New Tune Hits So Hard You'll "Hit the Ground"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Power pop balladry beckons us far into Tadhg Daly's new tune "Hit the Ground".

A lone dance for a long night... This song is solid indie pop to sing along to.

Brace for impact.

A collision is coming. A decision, a vision...

Fears won't hold you back.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"I'm ready to live now."

Tadhg Daly welcomes us into a fearless grouping of feels in "Hit the Ground," charging our batteries with dynamic buildups and emotional overtones.

A military march mans the rhythm as soft synths swim in upper spectrum space. Guitar strings dance atop delayed notes with kick-backed piano chords.


Daly delivers us to an emotional high point in this tune. We're uplifted and carried forth on high spirits."Hit the Ground" grows from voice over chasm to chorus over canyon, lifting the mood sky-high.

This is the sort of sweet pop song that proves pop music is worth perusing. As positive as they come and completely centered in a moment of its own design... Trust and give it a try.

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