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Gateway Drugs - Dare Tonight

Gateway Drugs Dare Tonight song img

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Artwork by Ian Jepson:


Dare Tonight by Gateway Drugs

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- Tres inTRESsant Full Album

01 00:00 - Smile On My Face

02 04:19 - Break Your Body Down

03 09:13 - My Computer

04 13:17 - Rumours

05 16:34 - Fia

06 20:16 - Midnight Express

07 24:11 - Operator

08 29:12 - Japan

09 33:05 - Erotic Dance

10 36:09 - Tonight

11 40:36 - Korean Girl

12 42:41 - Vernissage

13 47:15 - Feeling Like A Clown

14 49:19 - Friday Night

15 52:25 - Hold On

16 54:55 - Hot Summer Nights

17 57:33 - Kajsa

18 1:02:07 - Come With Me

Genre: Minimal Synth Synth Pop Minimal Wave

Andrey Ivanov said: 'For those who are wondering; there are two more songs (not in this album) you can listen which are awesome by Tres, called - "Demotres" and "TV" '

Erebous said: 'This album is some kind of anomaly as it is haunting and you'll get addicted to it constantly humming the tunes in an absolutely unnatural and paranormal way.'

Accumortis said: 'One of the best minimalwave albums ever.'

Tres inTRESsant Full Album by

photocomfort - Understudy

photocomfort Understudy song img

Written by Photocomfort

Produced by Photocomfort, Brian Hurlow and Max Kulicke

Recorded by Brian Hurlow and Max Kulicke

Drums recorded by Benny Grotto at Converse Rubber Tracks

Additional engineering by Sam Vanderhoop Lee

Acoustic guitar recorded by Jonathan Low

Mixed by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe

Album Art by Angela Deane

Vocals: Justine Bowe, Sam Moss

Keys: Justine Bowe, Brian Hurlow

Drums: Andy Fordyce

Bass: Charles McClung

Guitar: Max Kulicke, Gabe Goodman

Tambourine: Benny Grotto

Understudy by photocomfort

Castle Face Records - POW! - Crack An Egg

Castle Face Records POW! - Crack An Egg song img

POW! continue their danse macabre in the laser glow of their hi-beam synthesizers, with a new batch of synth-punk candy to rot your teeth to.

Vacuum-sealed, chrome gleaming, propulsion pounding, eyebrows arched and slightly pixelated like the cupie-doll face beckoning from a digital billboard outside your hovercraft window. From a none-too distant dystopia and on to your turntable - VCFs slowly open across a smogged-out horizon as they urge you to take that Necessary Call, warn moodily against a Cyber Attack, and inexplicably Crack an Egg in honor of the human raceas you do. Synthetic earworms squirm into and out of view out like twinkling city lights through evenings opaque air, feasting on terse punk skeletons. The neon is buffed to an aerosol sheen by Chris Woodhouse behind the blinking motherboards, with a streetlight or two of Gary Numan's slanting through the door. The automatons know where the partys at - follow them.

POW! - Crack An Egg by Castle Face Records

- Iris - Disconnect (Full Album)

Iris Disconnect

Label: A Different Drum ADDCD1041

Format: CD, Album

Country: US

Released: Sep 1999

Genre: Electronic

Style: Synth-pop

01. 00:00 Lose In Wanting

02. 06:01 Saving Time

03. 12:13 Endless

04. 16:14 Twilight

05. 21:05 The Way I Live My Life

06. 26:18 Annie, Would I Lie To You

07. 30:39 Danger Is The Shame

08. 34:56 Waves Crash In

09. 40:01 Loom

10. 44:13 The Picture

Shaun Hamilton said: 'One of the greatest synthpop albums ever made. Sheer perfection from top to bottom.'

Alika Serrato said: 'The memories from this album. Wow'

evilspin said: 'my first album by. Different drum records. Came along a magazine pack I purchased with gothic beautysynthpop mags when I was heavily getting into and collecting gothdark waveindustrialsynthpopelectro music. This was a great album. I know the sound is nothing like these two groups but this is like Placebo meets Savage Garden dabbling in synthpopelectropop'

Iris - Disconnect (Full Album) by

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