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Synth pop music albums may vary wildly in sound and meaning, but each of the picks pulled together below should be enough to help you let go and let loose.

LeisureCruise - Leisure Cruise

LeisureCruise Leisure Cruise song img

Self-titled debut album from Leisure Cruise out May 6th on Last Gang Records!

Pre-order here: www.pledgemusic.comprojectsleisurecruise



Leisure Cruise by LeisureCruise

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- Inka Inka [1987, GDR][Synth-pop][Full Album]

A1 - Rosa Und Himmelblau 0:00

A2 - Eine Lady Sein 3:29

A3 - Hey, Deejay 7:13

A4 - Spielverderber 11:09

A5 - Es Ist Sommer 13:32

A6 - Ist Das Liebe 16:44

B1 - Das Ist Ein Fauler Trick 20:28

B2 - Ich Suche Ihn 23:57

B3 - Tschuß, Herr Lehrer 27:30

B4 - Kopf Hoch 30:30

B5 - Im Bus 34:07

B6 - Wer Wird Es Sein 37:48

Label: AMIGA 8 56 255

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo

Country: German Democratic Republic (GDR)


Genre: Electronic

Style: Synth-pop

Inka 1987 GDR

Eastern Bloc Discosaid: '0:00



34:07 are good.'

Espia V said: 'Gracias por compartir la musica de Inkasaid: 'в 1985

Inka Inka [1987, GDR][Synth-pop][Full Album] by

SchatziMusik - New Born Galaxy EP

SchatziMusik New Born  Galaxy EP song img

New Born is a group of four Italian immigrants who all lived in the area around UlmBavaria.

Primarily they sang more Italian songs and were more on the traditional side of Italian music.

This record is a perfect example of what can happen when the drummer says Lets jam to the musicians. The outstanding track Galaxy came out, the vibe of it is like an early piano house track and a hybrid of cosmic and disco.

The original copy of the record is nowadays a highly requested collectors item, that skyrocketed in terms of prices. Originally released as a 45 single in 1981 the record was pressed in a very small run. Try to find a unicorn its easier.

We decided not to do only a simple reissue of it, we asked the creme de la creme of cosmic disco to make us a new born version of the track Galaxy. Camp Cosmic aficionados Albion Alexander Arpeggio are responsible for two mesmerizing versions of this song. On top, we pressed the whole record as a 12 from the original master tapes.

Mastering by Tom Sky at Faible Studio Kitaro from Schnittstelle (Berlin)

Cover artwork by Stacoff

New Born Galaxy EP by SchatziMusik

Andy SHINE - Andy SHINE Electronic Wonderland "SHINE ELECTRONIC KISS" EP

Andy SHINE  Andy SHINE  Electronic Wonderland

Andy SHINE Electronic Wonderland



Facebook: www.facebook.comAndyShineMusic

Youtube Channel:

Thank You for buying these tracks.



Deezer: www.deezer.comalbum10976064

Google Play:

Spotify: open.spotify.comalbum2wYal8Qdtz1NegkzMyH74i

KorlatlanZene: www.korlatlanzene.huartist?b234613Shine







Andy SHINE Electronic Wonderland "SHINE ELECTRONIC KISS" EP by Andy SHINE

- Teens (full album) - Petite [1986 Synth-Pop]

00:00 - 05:02 1. So Fine

05:02 - 10:19 2. I m Not A Know It All

10:19 - 14:40 3. Catch em

14:40 - 19:48 4. Word

19:48 - 25:12 5. Teen Dreams

25:12 - 28:52 6. ABC s

28:52 - 33:01 7. Playboy

33:01 - 37:13 8. The Lost Boy

PARădx rsaid: 'yo im over here vibing to the first 2 tracks at 2am, so in love with the sound of the album that i look up who's producing it and all. now appearently a certain "Dr. York" who did most of the production also has this other thing going for him, namely serving a 135-year sentence for the largest child molestation case against a single person ever prosecuted in US history, where he had minors transported across state lines into his agyptian-themed city "Tama-Re", which was the center of his sect, called the "United Nation of Nuwaubian Moors'

Tyler Bevins said: 'Do you happen to have these songs as separate files that you could share?'

DQ Reviews said: 'This is SUPER 80s'

Teens (full album) - Petite [1986 Synth-Pop] by

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