Sweetness Sound Pretty "Pretty" in Their Pretty New Tune

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Soft strum and electric hum hang and dangle over drumbeat delinquency in Sweetness's "Pretty".

A nuanced narrative, subversive in nature, colors each chorus and verse in this one.

Care to guess at it?

Life is a play and the actors are novices. In homes and in offices...

Forgetting good lines every day.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Have you heard life's oldest cliche?"

Shoegaze shake and shimmering chords create a wavering world around the vocals of Sweetness's "Pretty".

This track surrounds us in a harmonic haze as emphatic melody marks its outer edges. Twangy guitar and a river of rolling bass lines cast a net of notes over a shock of cascading drums. "Pretty" is a rush of sonic energy, unabating up to its slowing end.


Flipping the potentialities of passersby behind the scenes places phrases full of meaning into "Pretty" pictures. What we see in public settings is but the iceberg's frosted tip.

Tune in to this tune for rock sounds, saccharine, and shoegaze style, sublime. Its sympathetic pitch and chime make for a mellow good time.

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