Sweetened by Animal Feelings' "Pain Au Chocolat" Featuring Thief


Odd Nugget Social-done

Animal Feelings, aka Oli Chang, whips up a delightfully funky chocolate track in "Pain Au Chocolat."

Brace yourself for a bodacious beat. Not Shanks & Bigfoot's "Sweet Like Chocolate;" no. Animal Feelings' sound is a new breed - bred for the dancefloor.

"Pain Au Chocolat" delivers disco filling encased in a pop pastry. It's delicious. You can thank both Oli Chang and Thief for these sweets.

"Is it too much or not enough?"

She's the winking patron across the counter.

Jars with colorful contents eclipse her smile. The blood rushes to your face.

You're handing her a truffle. Her hand is meeting yours. You're frozen.

Time shifts as the two of you ride the milky way hand in hand. Who cares how you got there?

"You're perfect as you are..."

This is a jumpy jam, blessed with a bouncy beat. "Pain Au Chocolat" is the sound of a strut, the chorus a catwalk.

An out of this world layered synth warms the stratosphere, high as the falsetto-punctuated chorus.

Definitely dulce and twinkling with mid-high frequency embellishment, "Pain Au Chocolat" glows in the dark. You'll love the sharp, cropped rhythmic guitar stabs over the shimmering chord progression.


Animal Feelings rescues and reinvents dance vibes of old with this track. Retrieves them from some dingy discotheque and dusts 'em off for fresh spins.

The production is crisp enough to cut too. To dance to this is to use stars as stepping stones; dangerously dynamic and electric to the touch!

Oli revealed Pain Au Chocolat to be a fantasy lady's name - sweet and sexy. What's it mean to you? The answer's a listen away.

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