SWAN Settle Synths Deep Down in Your "Bones"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Gothic gossamer of sound seduces the senses in SWAN's "Bones".

Dark synth pop prides itself on moody retro sound. "Bones" breaks the mold with its modernized take on classic synth composition.

Speak easy. In inky night, you've nothing to fear.

You can hear your own thoughts.

They're like wind rushing near.

And like wind, can't be caught.

Odd Nugget Soca-done

"I only wanted you to carry my bones."

Dark warmth wells up and overflows in "Bones". SWAN set spines a-shiver with their song. Pop synth power dissolves on impact with poetry in lyrics, leaving in its wake a wondrous world of harmony.

Rising like the night, "Bones" builds to fitful synth overwhelm. Notes pass near at speed, spinning in alternating intervals. Others erupt in electric arpeggios. Still more bore into the song's low-spectrum space, rumbling at its core.

Tension tells a tale of mounting energy in SWAN's new song. Tension breeds apprehension, apprehension implies fear and fear forgets its purpose as SWAN purposely distort reality throughout this track.

Your best bet for a song at once as soothing as it is surreptitiously energetic is "Bones". Pless play to feel it deep in your own.

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