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The swamp stories that follow are definitely not the norm!

The Opposite of Death

Morgan has spent her life imprisoned in a shrine high on the banks of the bayou, where everyone is constantly aware of her presence, but no one has ever actually spoken to her. >>She is god, just as her Mother was before her, and she'll stay that way until she gives birth to the next living god. >>But the job comes with little power beyond the ability to sense the emotions of others-certainly nothing her worshippers would find worth all their sacrifices, if they knew. >>Until one day, the villagers bring her a badly injured boy to receive last rites. >>Tired of being worthless and alone, Morgan decides to do something worthwhile for once revive him. >>To her own surprise, she succeeds, but he's not whole and hearty. >>The boy is alive, locked in the agonizing moment of his death. >>As her newfound power grows, Morgan finally gets what she's always wanted-a life outside the shrine. >>If only she can shake the angry mobs hunting her, and figure out how to restore death before the village is over-run with the animated corpses of its loved ones.

The Opposite of Death on Wattpad

I lay there in the murky waters of the swamp, staring blankly at the protruding bone from my broken wrist.

Then, a worm-like creature emerged from the open wound, dark scales glistening with my fresh blood, and it turned to me and with a raspy voice said, Hello....

Posted on Reddit by GratefulNihilist.

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I followed the lights in the swamp.

And i learned, that its not the lights you should be afraid of, but the things holding them.

Posted on Reddit by ravarius223.

There's Something Strange Going on around my house

[First post ever so please try to be nice, I know it's reddit and I'll try to fix grammar mistakes]

So a little background to what's been going on:

My house is build right next to wetlandsswamp and the house was built in the 40s or so towhich there was another small house in the swamp (we can still find some stone from where it once stood). We also think that our property was place for people to come and hide from others, but that's beside itself.

Here's the issue my family and I have been running into:

Ever since I've been able to think and understand things properly, I've noticed that more and more things have been happening (it's gotten worse now). Such as feeling of people watching us, we've seen what we pursumed are shadow people that follow us about here and there...

But now there's seemingly more activity that makes me feel nervous about, I've been noticing that whenever my parents would leave for 3-4 days for a small trips up north (both me and my other sibling are adults are close to being one); we smell either wood burning or rotting something... plus knocking and things being moved inside and outside without either of our knowledge.... so I'm wondering if it's like a poltergeist or something more into cryptic.

Finally, it seems to know when my parents leave, like a mocking. But now whenever we take our small dog out we hear something moving around in the backyard and whenever we check it out (we go in pairs usually bc of coyotes anyway) we almost see nothing or quick movements of something, well not right and it seems to like to stalk us when heading back to the house.

Thoughts? Questions? I'm just hoping for some ideas of what it could be or if there could be more than one thing going on.

And to clarify on the smells, 1) yes we have neighbors but our closest ones ever burn anything and our other closest neighbors are a couple miles away. 2) since it is a swamp things do go to end their journey there but we usually only find them when their way past that time of decay.

Posted on Reddit by Stephanie_Siegle.

I opened the door for a hunched over woman with long fingers, beckoning me to come, "Play with all the other children in the swamp."

I've lived in this house for 3 years, and the door has always been a supply closet.

Posted on Reddit by cesly1987.

Not sure if this would be considered a paranormal experience or a glitch in the matrix.

To begin with, I have experienced many strange things in my life, but I was recently reminded of this one. I grew up in a small town, less than 200 people. The road my parents lived on had lots of hills and twists and turns several at sharp angles. It was so bad that there was a sign on either end declaring large trucks not allowed. This took place at the top of a hill that had almost a 90-degree bend at its apex. Not to mention that it almost immediately started going down again and curving the other way to avoid a swamp.

Anyway, this happened when I was in my late teens. I was coming home from work driving probably a little too fast for this back road, but I knew it like the back of my hand. As I was about to get to the top of this hill and an 18-wheeler comes over the top on the wrong side of the road to be able to make the turn and smashes straight into my car. In a single moment that felt like forever. I felt the impact of being hit, of slamming into the steering wheel, of the windshield glass slicing my face, and of heat as the engine exploded. Then suddenly, I was yanked out of my body, being carried by something I could not see or hear telling me it was time to go if I wanted. In my head, I screamed out no I wasnt ready. I reached out my translucent hand and force my exploded car and body back together over a mile further down the road next to the old graveyard. Then like nothing had happened I was back in my body driving past the old graveyard I was always warned about going into at night. I was fine I went home. Climbed into bed and went to sleep thinking it was all just a waking dream. The next morning, I found out from local news that an 18-wheeler had crashed into another car the night before and gone off the road. The other driver survived but was in critical condition. The weird thing was they never found any of the wreckage from the other car. I am convinced to this day that I was the other car and was given a second chance at life by my guardian spirits.

Posted on Reddit by ChubbyDragon81.

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