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Let's be frank... The swamp stories that follow are more than a little strange. If you're easily spooked, you might want to skip a few...

The link between UFOUAP's and consciousness

To give some context, I was largely uninterested in the UFOUAP phenomena until very recently. While I was interested in UFOs as a child, basically every UFO documentary I watched on TV basically amounted to we have no hard evidence to suggest any of this exists, but maybe theres something weird going on. While I didnt completely disbelieve the phenomena, there was really nothing verifiable there and the more I become educated on physics (at least our understanding of it) the more I became convinced interstellar space travel might be too difficult to pull off for ourselves or any other intelligent species, at least in our immediate part of the galaxy or universe.

What compelled me to change my mind was Rogans interview with Commander David Fravor where he describes his experience in the Nimitz (tic-tac) encounter. Christopher Mellon, one of the few reputable public figures speaking about this IMO, has since stated the Nimitz encounter(s) as the most reputable publicly available information to verify the UFOUAP phenomena. Multiple trained observers describe witnessing a craft that operated in a way that is completely different to any technology currently known to the public that was also picked up on multiple sensor systems. It apparently operated in a way that was completely foreign to any aircraft currently within our inventory or any adversarial nations inventory (especially in 2004 when this incident occurred), possibly operating via means of gravitational propulsion. Is it possible its our technology? Sure. But if it is I think its much more likely that it was reverse engineered from some craft that was developed by and retrieved from a non-human intelligence, as a scientific breakthrough of that scale being hidden from the public for presumably decades would be unprecedented in all of human history. Not a smoking gun for sure, but definitely something that makes you think oh #$@$ this might be real.

So given this might be real, it opens up the floodgates so to say. What percentage of these encounters described throughout history might have actually happened, and could some of the encounters that have paranormal elements, or high strangeness also be real?

After hearing Jacques Vallee, also on Rogan, I became convinced - or at least had a hunch - that there is some ability that these craft have to affect consciousness. Its important to be skeptical of course, but I think Jacques and others have compiled enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that this phenomena is much stranger than the typical "aliens from some far-away solar system" hypothesis that most folks are familiar with.

It seems like, whatever these craftbeings are, they are able to manipulate consciousness in a way that is completely foreign to our concepts of reality. Im reminded of the quote from Arthur C. Clarke Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

See: [Jacques Vallees](work on the link between UFOs and paranormal research. [This video](is a good introduction to him if you're unfamiliar.

I think theres a few possible explanations for this connection, including - but not limited to:

1. These beings have some technology that has the ability to intentionally control our consciousness though some sort of prosaic explanation, like electromagnetic waves or some other conventional means of physics. Possibly a device or implant that would - for instance - allow them to communicate with us telepathically.

2. These craft operate in ways that fundamentally perturb our consciousness, in the same way you can hold a magnet to an old-school CRT monitor and the screen would become [distorted](Not intentional per se, but it could have side effects on our experiences during these encounters nonetheless based purely on how they operate.

3. There is something deep and fundamentally foreign to us about consciousness and how it operates. Not necessarily a technology in the conventional sense, but possibly that there are physics that can describe consciousness in very concrete terms in the same way we can describe things like gravity and other fundamental forces. This might allow us insight on how to manipulate it - maybe even through means we would consider ESP or psychic. This could either be something that may take thousands or even millions of years for any given intelligent species to comprehend, or something that our current understanding of science and the scientific method has kept us from discovering.

4. We are living in a simulation, and these are beings or intelligences who exist outside of it in some sense and arent bound by the same physics applicable to us. Sort of like putting in a "god" mode cheat on a video game. Or possibly advanced ET or inter-dimensional beings who can essentially see the Matrix code and are able to hack the machine code of the universe.

5. Similar to 4, except they are inter-dimensional but dont abide by our laws of nature because of whatever endemic physics exists in the dimension they come from.

There are other things that I've since opened my mind to based on certain anecdotes provided by figures in the community. Project Unity recently did a [podcast](with Matthew Roberts where he describes very strange synchronicities or coincidences after his experience of being on-board the aircraft carrier responsible for producing the GoFast and Gimbal videos while working as a cryptologist. He claims he felt as if the craft were there for some reason or another for him, and goes on to describe very bizarre events that started happening to him in the following years. He essentially describes events that might suggest that some entity or entities could be controlling aspects of his reality. Again, we need to take this information with a grain of salt, and its important we be both open-minded and skeptical about claims like this.

The reason I bring it up however, is because Lue Elizondo recently mentioned in an interview that he also started to begin experiencing "synchronicities" after becoming involved in his work with UAPs (hes a little vague but based on the context I think theyre describing similar experiences). He even mentions people who were already involved in UAP research told him this would happen. If what theyre describing is true, it seems like whatever these things may be they are basically able to curate human experience in ways that will - as stated above - seem like complete magic to us.

Again, it's important we're skeptical here while also maintaining an open mind about this as members of this community. This phenomena exists on some spectrum with one end being completely benign explanations (e.g. swamp gas and weather balloons) and the other end being something so utterly bizarre it may take our civilization hundreds or thousands of years to fully grasp. In either case, it's important we consider all of the possibilities.

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He literally called it swamp gas.

When I was a child in grade school I lived on a weapons station in PT. Mugu California. It was the mid to late nineties.

My grandparents, Aunt, and two cousins were visiting us at our home in one of the housing sections on base. I remember I was inside playing a video game when my cousin told me to come outside. I did, and amid the ooohs and ahs of most of my family I was told to look up.

There it was, a strobing green orb in the sky that left an irredescent line trailing through the sky behind it that was slow to fade.

I exclaimed that it was a ufo, we all did; except for my dad. An electrician and petty officer in his command. He said something along the lines of "it's probably swamp gas, or a weather balloon." My father has always steadfastly attested that aliens do not exist here or anywhere.

The orb stopped moving. Hanging still in the sky, it began to flash. As this happened I could hear my dad mutter "$#!#" a couple of times under his breath. One final bright flash and the orb disappeared, leaving behind it four Sparks of light that flowered out in an x then disappeared. Like a firework.

I heard my dad run into the house. The familiar tones of the keys on the house phone beeped and booped just loud enough for me to hear...

Five minutes later my dad appeared in his uniform, explaining that he had been called in to work by the duty desk as he climbed into his truck.

To this day I think I'm the only one that heard what he muttered, or noticed that he made a phonecall instead of receiving it.

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I got a tattoo from an old lady who lived somewhere in the swamps outside New Orleans and best of all, it was free.

Ever the skeptic, I asked to see what the tattoo would look like before she put it on me and she obliged by putting it on a doll that kind of looks like me.

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Golden orb over house, any ideas?

In late 2012 my mom and I were on the porch and saw a golden orb of light pass slowly over the house, pausing slightly and then continuing on. We were both pretty fascinated and spent the evening speculating but we never talked about it again. Im not familiar with lots of UFO stories and Im hoping someone with more knowledge can point me in the right direction to finally get some ideas as to what I saw that day.

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