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The first Spanish sailors who entered Florida stepped off into a swamp, and one was eaten by a prehistoric monster..

How bad was spain during this time period to make someone say "Yeah, I know there are literal monsters here and mosquitos that can kill me, but this is still better than mainland Europe?


You have probably never heard any of the kooky swamp stories included below, but a bit of scrolling will fix that...

Saw something today while walking deep in the swamps of Massachusetts

So let me just start this off by saying I live inside The Bridgewater Triangle. For those of you who arent familiar its a 200 square mile parcel of land in southeastern Massachusetts that is supposedly a mega hotspot for paranormal phenomena. Anyways, while walking deep in the wooded swamplands today as I normally do, something I cannot explain happened. I have been visiting this particular area of the swamp where Ive found numerous (and I mean close to 15) deer carcasses in the late stages of decomposition, mostly bone. I decided today Id cross this river into a spot Ive never been. I stumbled upon a deer skull and picked it up only to put it back down in a different spot. As I did I turned around to what can only be described as a black shadow shoot from left to right across my field of vision. After seeing this I noticed the water underneath said shadow was now moving as if something just flew over it at a very fast rate of speed. Immediately after this my heart starting pounding out of my chest and I was overcome with a feeling of intense dread, almost like the air had gotten heavy. Needless to say I was scared $#!#less and basically ran back through the swamp the way I came. Does anyone have any possible idea of what I could have witnessed? It scared me have to death and lets just say I wont be crossing that river alone again.

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It seems to me the community is growing

Dont you just love to see an online community youre a part of start to take off? In my mind, this is the only real way anything in the ufo community comes to fruition. Public interest seems at an all time high, but it needs to be higher. For the average person, the best way to get someone interested is presenting the facts. The only reason I dont say Im a true believer is because I dont think people should behave that way and I will admit that in conversations where Im trying to peak peoples interest. One line I like to use is I now think that people who write this off completely are the people who dont know all the information. So this is a PSA! Strike up those conversations with friends and family, refer documentaries, bookmark your favorite incidents and make sure they are credible, then show them to folks. Dont be overzealous or patronizing especially if someone is skeptical, just show them good information and be a good person. I know I dont have to tell you folks that but I thinks its worth saying. Be patient! Try to put yourself in peoples shoes. Imagine you dont know what you know, and someone is trying to convince you that humanoid beings visit earth and #$@$ with us humans. It just sounds ridiculous. I think that is one very important thing we all can do, talk to the ones you love about the truly inspiring mystery that is the topic of ufos! And remember, keep looking up.

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The local boy tells the man that the swamp has a hard bottom and the man continues on horseback.

The boy when yelled at by the man replies "It does have a hard bottom, you just arent there yet".

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I know they call it a Glaswegian smile due to how it was a calling card from a certain Scottish gang way back in the past.

But I fear people may refer to it now as the dulvey smile, given how many of those corpses have washed up in the swamps

Posted on Reddit by boopadoop_johnson.

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