SUPR PWRZ's "Beaming" Will Make You Doubt Your Reality

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Like lounge beats digitized into existence through lab-coated mad science, SUPR PWRZ's new tune "Beaming" sounds a lot like fusion.

Whistling, waving synthetic madness makes this a truly super song.

Imagine a blank horizon.

Close your eyes and... See if you can...

Feel your hand in my hand.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"I'm not like these other guys..."

In the same ultra-experimental vein as Michl's "Out of Order," this track takes on a universe of forms and sounds.

Amorphous in style, "Beaming" breaks bounds at all angles, imparting an overwhelmingly upbeat vibe overall. Percussives phase in and out of existence as keys and synths undergo chemical reactions at our periphery. Wub-wub bass magic melts reality and reassembles it anew, baking us in sonic warmth all the while.


Wonky, off-kilter melody moves your mood in this tune. Our state is altered as ambiguous love statements morph in sync with a multifaceted mix. Passion in a hyperbaric chamber, high on oxygen; "Beaming" billows with the clouds.

This song is a sensory deprivation tank of sound. "Beaming" beams in from an alternate universe, dripping deep, bubbly bass with inter-dimensional imagination. Don't change the station. Press play.

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