Superseed's "My Time Is Now" Will Fill Your Ear-holes to Bursting

Odd Nugget Social-done

Thrashy start-stop get-up-and-go give Superseed's "My Time Is Now" enough raw power to jump start your heart.

From full-force chord chaos to bass-lead tonal creep, Superseed slip and slide slow and fast throughout this track.

Your screen is green. Your eyes go blind.

The things you've seen... Still kept in mind.

Their thoughts and yours mesh, intertwined.


"I'm seeking the answers, but you have none..."

Opening to a breakneck riff rampage, "My Time Is Now" attacks us with string and snare.

Pausing for effect at each line's edge, Superseed punctuate the lyrics in this track's verses with rhythmic stutter and jarring string buzz. Like Queens of the Stone Age on a Foo Fighters kick, the band kick up dust and drama with rhythmic style.

The dip nearing song's end settles down deep into a bluesy, bassy realm of gentle psychedelia made up in midnight hues. A welcome treat in an otherwise straight-ahead rock track, this section sets up the song's resurgence to full form perfectly.

If you're up for powerful rock vibes and pleasing dynamics, "My Time Is Now" needs no other explanation. Press play.

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