Sunset City and Samantha Jade Invite Us to "Forget It All"

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Slippery slick sounds and a solid groove await as Sunset City send us off on a pop power-cruise in "Forget It All".

This song's too much feel-good fun to forget.

Take heart and smile.

You're miles from past memories. You're moments from more.

Stay and play a while.


"Leave all of our worries behind..."

Upbeat tones make the most of your melodic downtime in "Forget It All". Overflowing with the utmost in uplifting lyrics, Sunset City and Samantha Jane cast cares to the wind in this fresh, feel-good anthem.

This song is snappy. Sizzling with the energy of perpetual Summer, Sunset City set fire to Winter's waning blues. Worries evaporate to an entrancing 4-by-4 beat. Drama disappears as disco lights descend. Dance it all away.


Bass slaps and sputters, keys soak and mellow, kicks combine with claps and voices double up in a lively duet over it all.

This track is ecstatic enjoyment intoned to tune. It shimmers with starshine and glistens with golden sunlight. Pure pleasure and poppy enjoyment... Press play and stay a moment.

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