Sunday Visits the "Perfect Place"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Windy whistling and tribal psychedelia enter house space in Sunday's new release "Perfect Place".

"...Too many people..."

A parachute snags at air above you. Rushing wind slows to sweetly greet you.

Gliding in step, an eagle joins you. From all around, the view astounds you.

You never want to reach the ground.


"Give me a reason..."

"Perfect Place" sounds the way falling into a canyon would feel. It's all air and rush and calm and quiet.

Sunday sings sunlight over cold quiet contour - blowing vocals on a chill beat. So cool, it's frozen.

As is his style, Sunday swaddles "Perfect Place" in synthesized sounds. His special brand of harmonic haze comes tuned to duck swiftly under each kick - wrenching softly at the lungs like warping time.

Relaxing music makes for a proper Sunday, but Sunday's music is relaxing any day of the week. The mind, it settles in a sea of sound.

"Perfect Place" puts a special spin on Sunday's contemplative style. It's a more involved and dynamic facet of his sound you're likely to love. Listen.

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