Sunday Sings Us a Beautiful New Song "Just Because"

Odd Nugget Sunday

Aqueous energy ripples at a tentative tempo in Sunday's new single "Just Because".

Tooth-chattering chill sweeps the soundscape as Sunday opens up a can of emotional content.


A splash of meaning...

Add another dash of love.

My heart is steaming.

sunday just because quote

"I saw her face - a perfect case of seeing things..."

Sunday serves up tender takeaways on love and life throughout "Just Because" in statements, succinct.

“I went to Berlin to seclude myself in a new and different culture. I wanted to immerse myself in it’s artistic energy and focus on creating something very vulnerable in the music I was making.

[...] ‘Just Because’ is a result of exploring the nature of raw feelings and vulnerable thoughts. ‘Just Because’ came to me as a full chorus in the shower. I was thinking about the nature of being with someone you love and wanting the relationship to work but it not being enough in how it functions.”

- Sunday

A wealth of restful sensations space themselves across the spectrum. A tune intoned in slow, drooping time tempts you to trance. Sunday's singing, a dancer interpreting the human experience, closes in around your mind while myriad sonic wisps and phantoms stalk the periphery. Lovely.

sunday just because cover

Sunday settles you into a pool of personal thoughts in "Just Because" - an airy dimension of deep questions, pointed with short, powerful answers.

"Just Because" is musical meditation that can keep you stationary for longer than you might have anticipated. Pick a comfy place to be and press play; you'll see.

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