Sunday Becomes "All of the Time"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Celestial, resonating, cool enough to chill... "All of the Time" is Sunday's savory new song, and it's all of the above.

A big open opus decked in windy synth wizardry; this tune blows across the soul in a sunset swirl.

"...Intentionally ambiguous and open for interpretation [...] people can take this song and make it their own." -Sunday

Falling. Through clouds. Wind parts at your presence - trying in vain to slow your descent.

The ocean threatens to catch you. You break through.

The surface yields to sky. You're falling up. Flight.


"I think about you."

Faraway drums and heavenly synths open into a world-building bassline in "All of the Time." We amble over sonic stepping-stones, sans a care; no destination.

The vocals are unique; high, open, daubed across the soundscape. Whispers from the sky...

Sunday will make you one mellow fellow... This is ideal languid listening; smooth from start to stop.

This tune's a real tranquilizer. Dive in and relax a while.

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