Subshine Make Mellowing Your Mood Mighty "Easy" in New Tune

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Throwback vibes and surreal feel festoon Subshine's shimmering new tune "Easy".

Floral radiance of sound slips from side to side, ear to ear, heart to heart in this mellow rock mood-maker.

A touch of relief...

A kiss of regret... A hand held in longing...

A moment spent, but not yet...

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"I don't care if this is broken..."

Like Don Henley in a synthesized headspace, Subshine show us an emotional side of song with a solar touch in "Easy".

Pervasive drums revolt against the mix's confines, finding and keeping rhythm under whale-call guitar groans. Spicy keyboard tones tinge the song's azure a glittery gold and dazzling string leads lend life, electric, to a pleasantly dramatic soundscape.


Lyrics allude to life lived in a moment, eternal, in "Easy". Time shifts and elongates at each chorus. To step beyond the border, bord the bridge to a better life and live untouched by worry... Palpable is this song's expression; evocative is its effect.

"Easy" isn't hard to enjoy. Just press play and find out for yourself.

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