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Ice cream truck drivers are solicitors.

As an aside...

The best of the bizarre... The truck driver stories that follow are definitely not the norm!

The tow truck driver rolled away with her car,leaving me shocked..

I forgot to wipe off the blood in the trunk;maybe the expensive sandwich bags will hold up.

Posted on Reddit by bshawfoolery.

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The 60 something year old truck driver was nice enough to give the 16 year old girl a ride and a water bottle.

She thanked him and drank deeply but after only a few sips she could barely keep her eyes open.

Posted on Reddit by Mikemanthousand.

As a late night truck driver my worst nightmare was always falling asleep while driving...

But i never thought of sleep paralysis while downhill was also a plausible scenario

Posted on Reddit by Sparty-xD.

The truck driver was nice enough to let me hitch a ride and even gave me a water bottle.

The half empty bottle smelled like vodka.

Posted on Reddit by ThisMourning.

Cross country truck drivers. What's the scariest or most unexplained thing you've encountered while driving the country?

With all the land they cover I'm sure they've seen some crazy stuff.

Posted on Reddit by Bill30322.

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