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Moist cake is a more pleasant way of saying swamp @$#.

On the other hand...

You don't have to tell anybody if the eerie swamp stories and books featured below make you uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure they do that to everyone...

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Spiritual attachment

I believe that theres been a spirit attached to me since I was maybe 4. Im 18 now and its never been more apparent then now. I figured Id start from the beginning, I was laying in bed as a small child and woke up to a woman sitting on my bed. She looked at me and walked out, very lively looking. I asked my step mother if she did that and she said she never comes into my room and watches me sleep. At that point in time I didnt even care. As I got older no matter where I moved to there was some sort of weird stuff that happened to me usually through sleep paralysis, always a woman. It was always a woman. Whenever times got rough she would show her face more and more whether I was going through a depressive episode or hardships with just life in general. I convinced myself that theres a woman attached to me after my gf confirmed that over night strange things would happen over facetime after i had fallen asleep and she was still on the phone. she said that she could her someone walking around, the woman has said hello to her, shes heard me talk to her and she finally told me this stuff after I told her I sleep with my door locked and no one can get in but weird stuff has been happening in my room.

Recently I finally saw her more defined in a dream. instinctively i knew it was her, ive seen her and heard her all my life but this was the most defined ive seen her. i was in a canoe with my buddy in a swamp type scenery. we see the woman and go up to her and my buddy and her talk, i can see that theyre talking but i can hear them. flashback im in florida and im with my gf in our bed at the beach house, theyre talking again but i cant hear it. they both just look at me and yell do it, over and over again. my gf cant see them and i start yelling back what do i do? what what is it i woke up saying what.

I dont think its negative spirit. but i want to know directly how to contact her and speak to her safely. shes never caused problems and most of the time when it comes to depressive episodes she almost pulls me out of them. i want to know more about her. can someone help me?

Posted on Reddit by unknown_349.

Hockamock Swamp

Im guessing most of you have no idea what this place is, but essentially its this historical swamp that was the battleground for King Philips war. Its in the center of the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts. Its supposedly cursed by Native Americans and crawling with cryptic creatures like Bigfoot, thunderbirds, and Pukwedgies. The place was also a hotspot for cultist activity and murders in the 70s and 80s. Ive scoured the internet for info of actual trails where stuff like this supposedly is but nothing, just a bunch of history and vague happenings, no actual locations. For those of you who have been here Im looking for instructions on how to visit specific areas of the swamp that are actually haunted. I was there actually yesterday on the ledge, supposedly a hotspot for paranormal happenings. It was during the day, and I realize nighttime would be more ideal considering my motivations for visiting, but id at least expect some kind of dread to kick in. Also the park forbids overnight visits, and I dont want to catch a case. Any and all help is appreciated!

UpdateEdit: Thank you all for taking time out of your day to respond to a fellow redditor. Plans for another trip are on the drawing board!

Posted on Reddit by Narko-Marko.

It was a tale as old as the land, of the horrific monster that lived in the swamp East of the fort.

I always thought it was a hoax, made to scare children out of the woods, but as I looked towards the forest I saw it; a man dressed in dark clothing, 8 feet tall, no face, a slender build, a slender-man.

Posted on Reddit by swizlyninja.

"Help!" I screamed as the swamp swallowed me.

Awakened by the nightmare I decided to get up out of bed and go for a walk to clear my mind of the horrors of what had just occurred.

Posted on Reddit by DaddyDawsonUser1.

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