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What would a haunted RV be like?

Do ghosts stick around to haunt a home that's always on the move?

Traveling ghosts could really get out of hand.

Speaking of that...

House tales that take you to places as weird as the ones below do are nigh on impossible not to look at. Go on - you know you want to...

Weird activity in the house.

Almost every night for a week or so, right as my wife and I are laying down to go to bed something falls or seems to be thrown around in our bedroom. Last night it happened twice. We laid down, turned the lights off, and almost immediately something loud hit the floor. Later she got up to go to the bathroom, which woke me up. She gets back in bed, Im about to fall asleep and the water bottle on her side of the bed SLAMS into the wall. Also, our pets have been acting a little skittish at times and a few other weird things have happened.

Had the day off work, made breakfast and coffee and then went out on the balcony to read. When I got back inside the refrigerator door was wide open and I know I shut it. One of my wifes comics, which was brand new, was on the floor with tears and creases in it when we got home. Keys went missing, so I was running late for work. Looked all over for them in the living room, checked the bedroom, came back out to the living room and they were hanging up where theyre supposed to be.

I got some sage today. I was going to burn it and also say a prayer or something. Do you all think that is a good idea andor have recommendations for a prayer or manta? I am not one to jump to conclusions, but this seems paranormal to me.

Posted on Reddit by MamuhSwan.

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I have no idea what is going on in my house

Ok so the first known time this thing happened was about 2-3 yrs ago I was coming home from a detention I had after school that was an hour long it was about 4:15 in the afternoon, as Im literally stepping foot through the door my brother and his friend walk into the kitchen. His friend looks at me and says how did u get downstairs so fast I was confused and just said I just got home. He started a acting weird with me being like stop messing abaht you where just upstairs in your bed I kept telling him I just got home but he was dead set on the fact I was just asleep upstairs. my brother then went back upstairs and I just assumed he had forgot something at this point my brother hadnt said a word to me when we talked about it later on he said the reason he went back upstairs is because he saw me too in bed and was checking to see if anyone was in my room. Since then multiple people have seen me or something that looks like me around the house. It started of as it just being me but recently my friend has seen my brother a few times once I actually heard her say hi to him in the kitchen and I thought she was saying hi to me so I went into the kitchen and she said wtf where did riley go he was stood there at the sink I was laughing because I was sat in the living room so my brother would have had to walk past me to get in and out of the kitchen so again I thought she was joking at first then I remembered Id never even told her about the past experiences like this. I honestly have no idea whats going on all I know is something keeps presenting itself as me and my brother to people and its getting pretty creepy does anyone have any ideas on what this thing might be?

There have been so many little experiences that have happened in my house and nearly everyone has seen something not a single one of my friends have stayed over and not experienced something a couple more examples. Me and one of my best friends where sat downstairs at like 1-2 am she had fallen asleep and I was still watching tv when the door to the kitchen started rattling a little at first I blew it of because it does that sometimes due to the slight draft from my front door but then the handle started shaking aggressively like it was being messed with I woke my friend up and told her we where sleeping in my room instead we fell asleep with my door closed and locked which I dont normally do but my friend couldnt sleep unless it was dark at about half 3am my friend wakes me up and tells me my door just opened I looked and my bedroom door was wide open but it was locked from the inside and theres no way to open it from the outside it also couldnt have been her because i have a single bed so we where pretty cramped to to each other I would have felt her get out of bed to open the door.

Another small thing that happens VERY often. My great grandma passed away a couple years ago and because my bedroom is extremely small my Nannan (her daughter) gave me my great grandmas wardrobe as its very small and could easily fit I also have my grandmas engagement ring which she gave to me when she was alive. When I tell you I hear knocking from this wardrobe EVERY DAY and every night I kind of made a joke out of it and will be like okey cmon nah Laura stop it and it will stop every time I tell it too.

Theres also a specific corner in my living it has a big leather spinning chair in it and has always given me the strangest feeling like very un easy. One night me my brother and two friends where sat watching tv and no one was sitting in that corner when all of a sudden one of my friends looked over and screams then starts covering her eyes I started covering my ears and freaking out a bit because I was startled when we asked her why she screamed she said she saw a tall dark figure of a man stood in the corner behind the chair.

Theres loads more that have happened in my house and non of it srsly creeps me out apart from whatever that thing is that keeps appearing as me or my sibling something about that makes me very un easy.

Posted on Reddit by sagemac2525.

My new house is in that contemporary style with the floor-to-ceiling windows; the view is quite something.

Last night, I turned on the light to see the glass packed with leering faces, eyes all fixed on me.

Posted on Reddit by HuggingtonSqueezey.

A little girl, for a few weeks, would always come talk to me about my dog everytime I passed her house.

As I was taken away in handcuffs, the only person I saw was her father standing at the curb smiling.

Posted on Reddit by batman142434.

Clothing is doubling in my house

Im curious if anyone else has heard of this and help me find out more information.

Over the course of the last several years, my older son has had three t shirts that have mysteriously made a copy of themselves.

Each of these shirts are his little league shirts from 2019-2021.

I asked him if he took an extra one from a friend or something and he said no. He didnt know how he got an extra of each of these shirts.

Ofcourse I thought he was lying and just chalked it up to that. There had to be a reasonable explanation.

But then, last week I noticed my baby had four (two pairs) of the same little monster socks in the laundry. He definitely did not have two pairs of these socks before.

Something else odd, not sure if related or not, our family was at the beach last week. We were the only ones around. Then out of no where a single sandal (not anyone in our family) flopped in the sand right next to us. It apparently just fell out of the sky.

Have you guys ever heard of anything like this? Please let me know where I can get more info. Thank You!

Posted on Reddit by jmhenry012.

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