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The Lights In the Sky

Sammy finds the smell of cigarettes and whiskey comforting -- the legacy of a father with a failing farm and a mother who never leaves home.

He's the protector of his little sister and the quarterback of his high school.

He also has dreams about being pulled from his bed by cloud-like beings with sandpaper skin.

Aided by his therapist and an old teddy bear, he learns that his tormentors aren't the biggest danger to the people he loves.

He is.

The Lights In the Sky on Wattpad

The blind dates at a glitched bar

This happened in early 2000 but my memory is crystal clear because this was before I understood what glitches were or that anything like this was a possibility .

I was set up on a blind date buy my boss at the time with one of his neighbors. My boss was on a band and two nights a week he would play at bars in the area. One of which was call the metro. Its not its real name, but for the sake of this retelling thats what Ill call it.

He set it up for us to meet at said bar on a night he was playing. I was very straight edge back then I didnt drink or go to bars . So although I wasnt familiar with the place I often traveled the roads it was on . But I got directions printed them out. Yeah before smart phones.

The date was for around 830 to 9 pm I left early just after 7pm although I knew the roads I thought it better early then late . The metro was about 20 minutes away. It was litterly five roads two major roads and few rights and lefts .

While traveling down the one major road in a very rural area. A torrential downpour hit it was raining so hard I couldnt see a foot off my bumper. Then the lightning and thunder was so intense its was like the matric gods didnt want me to go on this date.

But I just went slowly and carefully. Then the fog rolls in . Its the kind thats a result or hot asphalt suddenly being cooled down buy the rain . I wasnt unfamiliar with it just that it was so think it was almost like a solid blanket of snow covered the ground. I couldnt see the road I was afraid of driving off the road into a ditch or into someone yard or house .

So I creeped along not wanting to pull over because of causing an accident if another driver wasnt able to see me till the last minute. It finally cleared I continued to my blind date the bar was only about a mile away.

I get on the road know it supposed to be on my left its not only farms and some abandon buildings and an empty lot . So I go to the end of the road turn around searching every foot looking at every single spot it could be. Nothing I finally say a street number on a mailbox ok on the correct road if the mailbox was right it should be up on the right. At this point I must have gone back and forth a half dozen times and it was an empty parking lot.

When I say empty I mean deserted not a car building nothing buy weeds and gravel . I being a local I wasnt afraid to get out of my car at night in a abandoned lot alone. I walked around even looking into the woods.

At this point it was almost 9 PM. There no way I was on the wrong street. I sat in my car frustrated. I didnt want this girl to think I stood her up or my boss and coworkers to think I chickened out . I was I like nervous but was very excited about the whole thing.

I decided to drive around more in the area after an hour I gave up. There was no bar at that location or in that area. So I thought damn they were pulling a prank on me. A cruel stupid joke. I angrily drove home.

I went to work after that weekend. My boss said what happened, she was waiting for you she was excited and looked freaking hot . I said very funny. I went to that address there nothing there but an empty lot .

He said dude I get you were nervous but dont lie to me I saw you sitting in your car when I was on a smoke break. He even described what I was wearing. Because he said I got out of my car and walked around.

I insisted was the lot empty. He said no it was full you were parked off in the corner in the back of the lot but the dumpster. I didnt know what to think he wasnt joking. He had no reason to lie . There was no dumpster no bar no cars .he didnt believe me. And was pissed at me for a month. And he refused to set me up ever again.

Now after a week of awkwardness at work I decided that weekend to travel the same route at the same time of night to see if I was being punked or not. Sure enough it was there in place of the empty lot was a asphalt covered huge bar with a neon sign.

Where the hell was I? If I glitched into another universe why was my boss able to see me and why couldnt I see the bar cars everything there. This haunted me for years. That is until recently. I for other reasons was on that same street the name is burned into my brain forever. And now 20 years later I saw the place where that bat was is now an abounded lot the foundation of the bar I overgrown and at night I am pretty sure it would just blended in with the woods.

Did I time travel glitche between servers. I dont know but to this day every time I get set up on a date really bizarre glitches happen. So yeah still single at 50 wita single shred of romantic connections in decades. I have dozens of glitches directly connected my attempts or romantic connections.

An invisible bar is just part of the norm in this area. I save keep these other stories buried because well there depressing

Posted on Reddit by Prometheusatitangod.

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A knock at the door

This happened maybe like 2 or 3 years ago in my early 20s.

I live with my family of three. My mother and I like to occasionally get together to watch movies or shows in my room.

One day, in the middle of a movie, we heard a knocking at my door. The exact same way my step dad would knock when he's trying to be polite and needs something. I paused it as my mom got up to see if he needed something.

Except he was never home in the first place.

He had been at work for several hours and we even knew he was gone. We just assumed he got home and we didn't hear him.

As soon as we realized no one else was home, we got a strong smell on incense in the hallway.

I still don't know how we could have both hallucinated the same thing or what it even could have been.

Posted on Reddit by BCantoran.

Haunted farm house I grew up in

i grew up in a farmhouse that was built in the early 1800s. i lived there with my brother, and my parents up until i was 10. i was young, so some of my experiences seem very foggy so im going to share the experiences my family encountered.

a little backstory on the house, multiple people had been killed there. a lady was shot behind our garage, and someone fell down our steps and snapped their neck. thats basically all i know about the house. it was located in the middle of no where, with woods behind it with a very old house and a garage that was visible. our farmhouse was two stories, with a dirt basement that had walls that were still made out of led.

one time, my brother woke up late at night. his room was on the second story, facing our backyard. outside his window was the roof of our porch, and for some reason he opened his curtains, to spot a lady waving her arms back and forth over and over on the roof of the porch. he was young, so you can pretty much expect his reaction.

my sister (who didnt live with us but often slept over) fell asleep on our couch in the living room one night. she woke up late into the night, (our living room was connected to our dining room) and saw by our computer (which was right next to the couch) the apparition of a little girl who was staring at her. she didnt give many details, but said she ran up the stairs to my room and hid on top of my bunk bed.

my mom had more encounters than anybody. my mom is a very spiritual individual, she feels very connected to the spiritual realm. when we began moving out of the farmhouse, she believes the spirits became angry with her and our family. she woke up one morning, where she would switch her position to face the doorway to her room, where she had seen a dark figure staring straight at her. she claimed this felt as if it was going on for minutes, until out of no where the figure leaped in one swift motion straight to her, and suddenly disappeared.

the thing about my childhood home is that i never felt alone. i dont know if this was a good thing, or a bad thing.

thanks for taking the time to read some of the stories i wanted to share. im kind of tired, so im going to end it here, but if you have any questions feel free to ask as there are plenty of more stories than these.

thanks again,


Posted on Reddit by Responsible-Bear8965.

Weird memory from childhood of dwarf-like creatures w floppy hands running in a field

Hello all! Hoping to get some answers for this. I have a memory from when I was about 5-7 years old that keeps popping up in my head lately. I was on a road trip with my grandparents in the Midwest US. (This would have been around the mid-90s, but I am positive it was before '98)

On this road trip, we would have been traveling thru Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. I remember we were driving thru one of the many areas that were surrounded by vast open fields. Prob farmland or something, but I do not remember seeing the neat rows of plants that one would see when passing a farm of any kind. It was more just a vast open field on either side of the car. Kind of a two-lane highway, podunk, middle-of-nowhere vibe. Common amongst any drive thru the mMidwest.

Anyway, I look out the car window and there are these little... dwarf(?) looking creatures with very big droopy hands just sprinting around the open fields in circles with their hands hanging lazily in front of them as they ran. They were wearing blue or red, as in some were all in blue, some were all in red, but their "skin" showing was caucasian-esque.

At the time, being like 5 or 6ish, I thought they looked like Dopey from Snow white and the Seven Dwarves. They all had little caps on their heads like he wore and they had big oversized robes in either all blue or all red from top to toe. Their huge floppy hands were sticking out of their oversized sleeves and just like, limp-wrist hanging out of their robes as they were prancing around this big field area.

Nowadays, I have a better comparison. They are almost a spitting image of the little minion things in the game League of Legends. Even down to the way they run. So like, picture that but if they were real. But the things I saw almost resembled something like if a stuffed doll could run and prance. The floppy hands reminded me of like where the wrist is sewn on a stuffed doll and the doll hand just kind of flops around.

I asked my grandma what they were she had a cryptic tone and said "they're in jail. That's why you don't want to go to jail..." (or something like that but I distinctly remember her saying those things were in a jail of some sort.)

Uhhh, what? Later on, when we got to our destination, I asked my grandma what she meant and she couldn't remember what I was talking about. She chalked it up to me being asleep and dreaming but I could have sworn that I was awake during that time, and honestly couldn't remember sleeping at all during that particular trip. And neither could my grandma, but she claims it must have been a dream.

I was convinced otherwise.. I don't remember what "proof" I had for myself in that moment, but I do remember I had a feeling of "I COULDNT have been sleeping because..." but I can't remember what it was. I'm thinking I had brought up a conversation that happened just moments before the "incident" and my grandma could recall that.

Her demeanor was weird too. Like, she immediately just said "oh that was a dream. You were dreaming!" Like, not "you must have been dreaming or something", it was like, a fact. Knowing my gma, either response could have been just as genuine, but her quickness to dismiss and her demeanor seemed like she knew EXACTLY what I was talking about and wanted to squash any further questions.

Has anyone heard ofseen things like I've described? If so, does anyone have any idea what i could have witnessed? It could have been a dream, but I'm almost fully convinced it wasn't. Any helpful tidbits are appreciated!! Thank you!! :)

Posted on Reddit by _QUEEEEEEEEF_.

The Dark Farm

The story of a farmer's nightmare on a warm summer's night.

The Dark Farm on Wattpad

The old family farm.

Thank you all so much for responding to my last post. I got quite a bit of feedback requesting more stories so here we go!

- - - - -

My family owns a large piece of land in Missouri. Near the Highlands but partially on the plains. It includes a lovely little chapel, a one room school house, a stables and the plantation home. My family has owned the land for years. I grew up spending school breaks there. It was always enjoyable regardless of the hard work I had to put in.

Every Halloween my family would do a local hay ride and BBQ. It was great fun and everyone loved it. We decorated the entire property. The school house had all the original desks and materials left in it so we tried to utilize it the most and secondly the plantation home. It wasnt super structurally sound so we kept everyone to the first floor. Only family was allowed on the upper floors.

Us cousins loved to set up and clean for the big night. The stables were a working area so we left that to the adults. No one went inside the chapel bc we wanted to make sure it stayed in its good condition. So wed put up a fake little graveyard and that was it. The school was abandoned and the house was a walk through.

When I was 16 I was helping set up the walk through. It was cheesy but fun. I was cleaning the ornate mirrors on the first floor when I heard laughter above me. Figuring it was my cousins I kept working. Id hear the footsteps of them moving and their laughter for a while. When I got done I called up that I was going to go help outside and heard alright. See you later! And more laughter. I walked out smiling because I found it cute they were so immersed in the home.

Imagine my confusion when I walk into all four cousins at the main house. I asked them how they beat me back and they looked at me like I lost it finally. They told me they had been working on the chapel graveyard. No where near the walk through. I said it wasnt nice to try and trick me. We left it at that and continued on for the day.

I only realized we werent alone when I got a call from my youngest cousin asking why I was running around upstairs in the plantation home. I got deathly quite. When she asked me again I could only tell her I wasnt even on the property. I was in town.

To this day we havent figured out who exactly lives upstairs. They dont cause harm but they do enjoy their mischief. Anymore we keep in constant contact when we are visiting. Just to be sure.

Posted on Reddit by RenFannin.

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