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Your guardian angel is probably watching you like you watch the doofus from that horror movie walk into the abandoned barn in the dead of night..


Angel tales that take you to places as weird as the ones below do are nigh on impossible not to look at. Go on - you know you want to...

A Bird In The Sky

'It is said that everyone meets someone for a reason. >>. >>.either as a blessing or a lesson.' An angel has been kicked out of Heaven and sent to Earth as a punishment. >>He can only return home after learning an important lesson. >>. >>. >>a lesson of love. >>Is Jake Hollister, an innocent mortal dealing with homophobia, his road to redemption? Or is he something more?...

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Guardian Angel(s)?

This is a little long. Sorry, I like to talk. This happened to me a few years ago, back in 2016 (best summer ever). I was living in Lower Manhattan at the time, but was sort of getting bored with my job and wanted to change things up a bit. I decided I wanted to go to business school. I also wanted a change from New York I had been there for years and was going through a rough heartbreak and just needed a change of scenery. I applied for a program in the UK, however my grades from undergrad were good, but not amazing. As such, the school I was applying to was interested in me, but they wanted to have a phone interview to make a final decision.

Im a very sociable person but a bit of a boozer. I just like to go have a few quick drinks most nights at the cheap local pub. I also occasionally get bad anxiety. I was nervous about this interview so as usual, I went to the pub to chat with my locals and take my mind off of it. It was like a Monday or Tuesday, so there werent a ton of people there. I sit down and start making random small talk with my bartender friend. I said nothing whatsoever about this upcoming interview. I quickly notice a man Ive never seen before sitting a few seats down from me. He had a unique look to him. He kind of resembled President Obama. And hes just staring at me, smiling. I thought this was strange but for some reason he didnt make me nervous. I just felt like he was a good personfor some reason. Like he definitely wasnt going to stab me on the street out front.

He says hello to me, and I reply being my nice, social self. He then abruptly says, Dont worry about tomorrow morning. Youre going to be fine. I pause and stare at him. I asked, What do you mean? He sort of laughed and repeated himself, Dont worry about tomorrow. Something told me not to ask any more questions, to just take it for what it was. But there was something about this guy that just feltdifferent. Its difficult to put into words. He gets up and leaves immediately after, and Im just sitting there a little confused.

I then finish my 2-3 drinks and close my tab out, and leave to head home. As Im walking the short distance to my place, I encounter a woman on the sidewalk and shes leaning against a wall wailing. Like completely hysterical. I normally may have just walked on by, but something told me to stop and ask her if she was alright. I dont know, maybe it was the scotch I just finished. She looks at me and immediately stops crying. She didnt slowly calm down she just went from hysterical to totally calm and collected. She looks at me and says, Im going to be fine. And youre going to be fine tomorrow morning. Then she just silently walks in the opposite direction. I stood there for a second in silence and watched her walk away.

So, at this point I now have two completely random strangers tell me not to worry about tomorrow morning my phone interview was scheduled for like 9 or 10am. I headed home but couldnt stop thinking about these two weird encounters. I went to sleep, woke up the next morning and did my call. Needless to say, I was accepted a day later. I just felt like something was speaking to me that night. Like the universe wanted me to chill out.

I went back to the bar the following night and asked the bartender if he knew who the guy was from the previous night. He said he didnt remember seeing him. I described him physically. Nope, didnt see anyone who looked like that. The entire thing was just an interesting experience for me.

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The priest prayed and prayed, begging the demon to leave the innocent childs body.

But as the body violently smashed around the room, a distorted voice bellowed loudly, "He won't let me out."

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Wrong Time

1 in Paranormal 151220 and 31102021 1 in Paranormal Love 130419 and 21102021 Everyone has been told at least one ghost story during their life, but it's up to them to believe it or not. >>I was part of that group, the sceptics. >>Always rational, never choosing my heart over my brain. >>That was it until one life-changing day. >>We have all heard of ghost stories. >>Here's mine. >> Grace Lancaster is a completely normal 17 year-old teenager, except for one little fact. >>She's been having the same realistic nightmare for the past two years. >>It's not just a bad dream, it means something and she knows it. >>But what could that be? Archer Sutcliffe is the answer to all her prayers. >>However, she will face an inconvenience: He is a ghost. >>Fire and ice. >>Light and darkness. >>Life and death. >>Sometimes the perfect person for you is who you least expected them to be, and they are the clear example of that. >>But most importantly: Will they find the answers both of them are looking for?

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After we order our drinks at the bar, my date pulls me aside in private.

"You think I don't know what an angel shot is?"

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For those that believe aliens are demons, can you elaborate? Are there angels too?

I see the point come up every now and again and I don't see it personally, but I'm interested in what others have to say on the matter.

I personally like the idea that aliens are ET and were mistaken for God's previously.

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The Archangel

He is the guardian everyone desires. >>He is too powerful, for both angels and demons. >>He is reckless and dangerous. >>He is sexy and he knows it! Alexander, or better known as Highness or next King of Heaven (and Xander for his mother) is a drop-dead gorgeous, all powerful archangel. >>He is player of hearts even after being an angel. >>This is a little inside to his life before he finds that even he can fall... >>in love, hard and crazy! Note: This is a short story of few parts I wrote for all you Xander lovers out there! This will give you insight of life how he lived before meeting his fated love, Freya! Prequel to Wings of Desire.

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"You look like an angel," The midwife said to my new-born daughter.

Little did I know, she meant the Biblically accurate kind.

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