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Stoner rock albums like the ones below are an excellent way to make the most of your day. Fire up your new personal soundtrack...

RidingEasy Records - Holy Serpent "Temples"

Holy Serpent

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- FOGHOUND "Quick, Dirty And High" (Full Album 2014) Stoner Rock

FOGHOUND "Quick, Dirty And High" (Full Album) Year: 2014

Country: USA Genres: Stoner Rock

Interactive Tracklist:

1. Easy Come, Easy Go 00:00

2. Resurrect the Throwaways 03:48

3. Long After I Die 09:05

4. Gotta Go 16:43

5. Get In My Van 21:17

6. Slip Away 24:51

7. Dragon Tooth 30:23

8. Buried At Sea 35:31

9. High Rider 41:42

Released 24th January 2014

RidingEasy Records - Electric Citizen - Higher Time

Electric Citizen - Higher Time by RidingEasy Records song img

Devouterrecords1 - Wiht - The Harrowing of the North

Devouterrecords1 Wiht - The Harrowing of the North song img

Out on February 4th on colour vinyl and digital

Buy it here:devouterrecords.bigcartel.com

Devouter Records: devouterrecords.co.uk

Wiht: www.facebook.comwihtleeds

Wiht - The Harrowing of the North by Devouterrecords1

- Mother Engine "Muttermaschine" (Full Album) 2012 Instrumental Stoner Rock

Mother Engine "Muttermaschine" (Full Album) 2012

Country: Germany Genres: Instrumental Stoner Rock


1. Exoplanet 00:00

2. Truemmer 07:54

3. Ruettelplatte 13:42

4. Brett Hart 17:05

5. Nemesis 21:01

6. Mantra 29:00

7. Weltraumwolf 37:13

8. Untitled (Bonus Track) 49:00

Released 26th December 2012

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