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Stoner rock is the lofi hiphop of rock and metal.


If you need new stoner rock music or don't know what it's all about, the albums below will give you more of what you're looking for.

Tutherun - EP

EP by Tutherun song img

- Stöner - Stoners Rule (Full Album 2021)

Brant Bjorks desert vibe meets the punk attitude of Nick Oliveri and creates an explosive mix and a particular branch of rock.

The sound is mellow, but these are the same guys who created the legend of Kyuss, and the Desert-Stoner rock movement which is alive now more than ever. This album is a celebration of the sound of the Desert, driven by the spirit of these incredible musicians and artists. 7 original tracks for this incredible debut album which describes how to ride into the dusty roads of the Mojave Desert where it has all begun. Brants vocals give a classic color to the hypnotic-bluesy riffing background.


Rad Stays Rad 00:00


The Older Kids 06:27


Own Yer Blues 11:36


Nothin' 17:36


Evel Never Dies 20:13


Stand Down 23:04


TribeFly Girl 29:23

released June 25, 2021

Recorded at The Rad Cabin, Joshua Tree, CA on October 12, 2020 by Yosef Sanborn this is going to be your 2021 summer soundtrack!!

Rad cover art by the mighty Branca Studio.

J Rogers said: 'Just my humble opinion, but after listening to this through a good set of speakers it's heavy as #$@$. This is Brant Bjork's greatest "#$@$ you" to Josh Homme to date. They feel a lot like KyussQueens songs rewritten by their olderwiser selves. Slow and mellow, as God intended. Stoners definitely rule, and Rad always stays Rad.'

Michael Wilkerson said: 'Saw these guys open for Clutch in Detroit on Dec 30.

I thought they were awesome. Tight as hell. When they locked in on the groove it made my hair stand up.'

Lädy Beer said: 'That's a heavy and groovy rock'n'roll. Love it. Love the groove.'

Stöner - Stoners Rule (Full Album 2021) by

Stoned Jesus - The Harvest

Stoned Jesus The Harvest song img

Third album.

InshaMuzykaMoon Records, 2015.

Buy: itunes.apple.comalbumthe-harvestid967478663

The Harvest by Stoned Jesus

Sun And Sail Club - SUN AND SAIL CLUB "Mannequin"


Bob Balch (FU MANCHU), Scott Reeder (FU MANCHU) and Scott Reeder (KYUSS) rocking out.

SUN AND SAIL CLUB "Mannequin" by Sun And Sail Club

- Red Desert "Damned By Fate" (Full Album) Stoner Rock

Red Desert "Damned By Fate" (Full Album) 2012

Country: USA Genres: Stoner Rock


01. Older No Wiser 0:00

02. Slow Kill 5:36

03. Lust Queen 11:13

04. Dead Man's Tracks 16:26

05. 2012 21:42

06. Last of Days 25:47

07. Blind Crossing 32:28

08. Sifting The Ashes 36:17

09. Devils Curse" 40:45

Released 3rd August 2012

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