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Shrek's carbon footprint must be so low when he's at the swamp..


Swamp stories as strange as the ones covered here are enough to keep you on edge!

The Swamp-Dog

A 21-year-old man, Larry Taylor gets a job as yoga assistant in a gym in Bergchester and meets a girl named Veronica Allen. >>He takes a bath in a medium sized strange swamp in the evening. >>After that, he turns into a swamp sheepdog after he went home after takes a swamp bath.

The Swamp-Dog on Wattpad

I opened my eyes and swamp towards the light, but found myself unable to resurface.

Its wasnt that something was pulling me down, but rather something was blocking me from breaking the surface.

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"Well the sheriff caught wind that Amos was in the swamp trapping alligator skin, so he snuck in the swamp to gon' and get the boy"

"But he never come out again"

From a song called 'Amos Moses' by Jerry Reed.

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Hallowed Ground

Esther LaGrange never stays in one place too long. >>She never stays with one person too long. >>Solitude and long stretches of dark road are her curse. >>Yet, she somehow manages to meet a girl seemingly more isolated than her. >>A vulnerable girl, who lives alone without anyone who might miss her. >>A girl who may actually be cursed.

Hallowed Ground on Wattpad

Found my self in a swamp, with a misty house following my car, when i should be in a desert.

While this is a little odd, what really messes with me is that there is no swamp on this road. I know since i had taken this road many times on our trip to Alice springs ( town in middle of the desert )

What should have been a red desert as far as the eye can see, was all of a sudden a wet green swamp with big trees.

No one in the car pointed it out, the family was acting normal, just dead silent for some reason.

My little child mind didn't really care my LOUD faimly was quiet, because I was looking at the house on the side of the road, the house that wasn't going past.

It looked like it was moving with the car somwhow.

Like a mirage i think. This just felt normal to me, i didn't question it. After a few minutes of me watching it, I was finally starting to remember this isn't right. Why was no one talking? I started to panic, then all of a sudden I got an overwhelming feeling that if I didn't immediately stop looking at the house and go to sleep, i wouldn't exist?? It's hard to explain, i didn't think I would die, more like i would cese to be.

It was incredibly hard to stop looking, it just felt right, but i knew it wasn't. The feeling of wanting to look at the house, and thinking it was nice felt wrong, like it was just forced into my mind, my mind was split, one side in pure mental orgasmic joy, the other screaming to stop, you are in danger

I snapped out of it when my internal screaming forced the other thoughts out. I immediately closed my eyes and just waited in fear,

after what felt like 20mins. I think i fell asleep as it was night time when i woke up.

I have never experienced anything like that again, and i don't think i would win next time.

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Legend of Wooley Swamp: The secrets in the woods Vol. 4

You may know the story told in the Charlie Daniels song legend of Wooley Swamp, well you maybe surprised he's from this little town I call home. So you can imagine that these creepy woods around here influenced his music. One is the aforementioned song. He even mentions Carver's creek in it if you listen. that's an old creek that used to be a popular fishing hole about 12 miles west of Elizabethtown. Wooley swamp is where the creek feeds in to. Now it's been said a many moonshiners called the ol' swamp home. That's where they made their spirits, and some like Lucius Clay was said to have left his spirit right there.

Most of those old moonshiner's liked to bury their money in Mason jars so the law wouldn't get their stash and neither would some of the more desperate people looking to make a quick buck. If you listen to the song it will tell you the rest. Truth is that old man still walks that swamp protecting his still and his money.

The old man himself sat down one evening after we had been out hunting and told me the story of where that song came from. Charlie very much loved to hunt and he came down every year to bag him a buck or two. This is what he told me.

The song came from a story he was told as a child. When he got older he thought it was told to keep the kids from venturing in the swamp and running up on a moonshiner or maybe a gator. So he got bold and him and a few of his friends went out one night looking. There was an old shack back up in the woods where Lucius lived and they knew where it was, so with some liquor and flashlights they went to see if the old man would come around.

"You gotta go when the moon is full" he to told me. " Lucius walked when the full moon was out. That's when he liked to dig up his money." I held on to every word while Charlie spoke. He could tell a story and keep you glued better than any T.V. could. "We went out there, sat around, even built a little fire and broke out the bottle of Jack. Must have been out there for awhile just having a good ol time when we noticed the fire had turned blue and is was gettin pretty damn cold. Won't like the fire had gone out, there was flames 3 feet high off the thing, but it was blue flames like you'd see burning off a good jar of moonshine. Hell I could run my hand through the flames and they were cold to the touch."

"That's when we noticed we had one more feller sitting with us than what we came with. the old man was sitting right there and had a gaze locked on every one of us. He took that bottle of Jack and turned it up and said so you boys come for my money, or my shine?" Charlie said the woods got real dark and you could hear screams coming from all around them. The old man said "They came for my money and shine, but the gators gottem now." Charlie said he let out a laugh that made your hair turn white and that's all they needed to see.

Charlie said they got out of there so fast he didn't even know if they left anyone till they got to the end of the road. He said he looked over and Lucius was sitting beside him in the truck still laughing. He said Lucius told him not to ever come back down there or next time the gators would have him too then just vanished. They never went back to Wooley Swamp. In fact to his last days Charlie wouldn't hunt down around that swamp.

Charlie told me Lucius was the damn devil and I best not go around there if I didn't want to meet him or those gators. I took his warning to heart and never went in there. I can't say Charlie telling me that story didn't make me curious. Oh I ventured down that way a few times. On a full moon night if you go down there and park your car in the right spot you can hear Lucius in the woods laughing, and the screams off in the distance from those that never came back out. If you venture in there you might run across an old shack and see where there was a campfire. When you do I hope you go ahead and run out of there pretty quick. Lucius still has his money hidden out there, and he aims to keep it.

Like I told you, them woods hide a many dark secret. Charlie didn't believe it, and he had to see it for his self. He said it best "there's just somethings in this world you just can't explain."

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BOOK TWO OF THE ENTWINED SOULS SERIES. >>After discovering she's a descendant of Hades, Avery must find a way to escape those hunting her and ultimately choose between her two opposing soulmates. >> Once Avery Stavros kissed her best friend's older brother Vladimir, she knew there was no turning back. >>But as the only living Stavros left, she needs to make a careful decision between him and Adrian despite being able to read both of their minds - something that should only be possible between her and her one soulmate. >>Love or life? Which one is more important? Loving someone or saving your own life? When the Greek gods and goddesses start meddling with the life of humans, everything's doomed to crash and burn. >>What will Avery do to protect the one - or ones - she loves? [[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]

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She looked across the wild swamps and cringed.

She was deathly afraid of alligators and she knew for a fact they were in there, but what other path could free her from the whips and chains?

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