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If you forgot your gym shorts at school they wouldnt let you participate but if you forgot your pencil and calculator you still had to do math class..

But, did you know...

You can press on to the eerie school stories below if you think you can handle them...


( Ongoing ) Cancer and other students was scared because of some paranormal activities in their hostel and their ward boy says that its normal , but things getting worse in 2 months .....

so everyone decided to call the famous paranormal investigator of galaxy city .

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I kissed my four year old son on the forehead and told him that I loved him, as he smiled up at me

I felt horrible as I held the pillow over his face, but I just didn't want to continue to raise a child with disabilities

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It was a Monday in August and school had just finally ended, I was ecstatic!

But when I heard an alarm instead of the dismissal bell I realised I wouldn't be going home.

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The Lovely Bite


Highest Ranking in Vampire- 1 53116 11821 Twenty human girls.

Seven Purebloods.

Adeline O'Here is taken away from her human life and is sent to a school with nineteen human girls.

Seven of the girls need to be chosen by seven of the Pureblood boys.

For what? To help them transition into vampires so they could rule one of the countries in the Vampire World.

Adeline wants to go home and being a rebel against it isn't smart.

What happens when Adeline still catches one of the seven boys attention? However, that isn't the only thing lurking after her...

Sexual ScenesFoul Language

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Just remembered something that happened to me at school

This was around 2005 and I was 15.

I had science class immediately after lunch. I sat at the front of the class and the teacher put his coffee mug down on my desk as he was gesturing and writing on the board.

As he backed away from the board, he bumped my desk and his mug tipped over and coffee went all over my desk and then spilled into my lap. I stood up and thankfully the coffee was only warm and not hot.

Realising whatd happened, he apologised and went to get me some paper towels from near the sink.

As he handed them to me, I looked down and my trousers were bone dry.

His coffee mug was on my desk, filled with coffee and the floor around me was dry. It was as if itd never happened.

My teacher and I looked at each other, wondering if wed both seen whatd just happened.

I still dabbed the paper on my trousers as I was confused as to what had happened, expecting something to be absorbed. The paper was dry.

It happens so quickly that the rest of the class didnt really notice whatd happened until it was all over.

When I handed the paper towels back to him, he looked nervous. His face was as white as a sheet and he said something about strange things happening to him before, like arriving at school earlier than when hed left home.

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My 8 year old son was suspended 3 days for hitting the bully at school.

The first day he pointed out the bully and his friends, the second day we planned, and tomorrow we eliminate.

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Cold Fire [SAMPLE]

[NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON! You can buy it here: [SAMPLE ONLY LAST 10 CHAPTERS REMOVED] [A Wattpad featured novel] Melissa has a rare, undiagnosed disease, or so say the doctors that did tests on her for half of her life.

She doesn't need a medical certificate to tell her that she's different.

She was born with a body temperature so low that most people would die before they even started living.

Keyword: most.

Somehow, Melissa has managed to live for fifteen years, but those years have not been without their hardships.

The doctors told her that in order for her organs to function in such cold conditions, her body must absorb the heat from the surrounding air in a painful process dubbed a "heat attack", which slowly turns her temporary home freezing and uninhabitable.

Forced to move from city to city in order to keep everyone in her vicinity alive, and plagued by the stares and hushed whispers that accompany her, Melissa tries to lead a normal life.

But she's failing miserably.

And when she's approached by the new kid in school, all hope of an ordinary life slips from her grasp.

Suddenly, strange is the new normal, and Melissa finds herself wrapped up in a new world where ghosts aren't "just in her head", glass windows shatter unprovoked, and rare, undiagnosed diseases aren't actually diseases at all.

And to top it all off, someone - or multiple someones - seem to want her dead.

So much for normal...

2013 by shayebay All Rights Reserved PUBLISHED JUNE 26, 2019 WITH TYPEWRITER PUB!! You can buy it on Amazon here: A WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL: -- from September 2015 - July 2017; -- and again in February 2018 Highest ranking: 3 in Paranormal Listen to the Cold Fire playlist here: http:8tracks.comgrymoirescold-fire

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I ran into one of the people who used to bully me in high school.

It felt even better when I backed up and then ran into them again.

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