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Babies cry themselves to sleep besides having nothing to worry about other than eating and sleeping.


Baby stories as strange as the ones covered here are enough to keep you on edge!

Demons Heir

A creature...

Lost creature....

Was now in their world....

Every day, someone dies because of him.

He doesn't even know the word, mercy.

He doesn't have that word.

Only word in his mind, was to kill and makes someone suffer.


They met...

Do he have a chance to change? Can he accept the fact? The reality? THE TRUTH??? WILL HE? OR CAN HE??? Black247

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My baby has been sleeping alot lately.

She has to wake up eventually, right.....right?

Posted on Reddit by Nick268.

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When I found a baby freezing cold, abandoned on the side of the road one night, I knew it was the right thing to take it back home with me.

"Let's warm you up," I said, closing the microwave door.

Posted on Reddit by bibliophaghist.

Mother cried, unable to google "CPR" as my baby brother's face went more and more blue.

I placed the marbles back in my toy chest, she'll never forget to pay the internet bill ever again

Posted on Reddit by Toxinfang.

Lies and Manipulation

I don't look like a spy.

I'm small, dark hair, short and quiet.

Fact is though that I am--and I'm pretty good at it.

Maybe it's because I can read people's minds.

Maybe not.


I have one last mission then Rob and I get to settle down quietly.

Only, I'm captured.

Big problem.nbsp; Or maybe not, because the more that I learn while captured, the more I wonder how much of my life is really lies and how much is really the truth.

Lies and Manipulation on Wattpad

I woke this morning, joyful that I could see again, throwing my glasses off of my face.

Ever since She had ripped my eyes out, I waited for the day they'd grow back.

Posted on Reddit by StayAliveMadeMeCry69.

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