Steve Mann's Cyborgian "EyeTap" Camera

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Capturing and augmenting the world around you is as easy as eye with Steve Mann's incredible "EyeTap".

"An EyeTap is a device that is worn in front of the eye that acts as a camera to record the scene [...] as well as a display to superimpose computer-generated imagery[...]"

With an EyeTap, your eye takes on two tasks, doubling as a monitor and camera at the same time.


Thanks to the use of a beam-splitter, an EyeTap can simultaneously be seen through by your eye while also recording exactly what you're seeing. The digitally enhanced video recording is then superimposed on the other side of the beam-splitter by way of a projector for clear viewing.

The eyetap can add data readouts and other information to the image displayed - making every moment of your day much more interesting. Imagine tracking a bird's speed, displaying its species and reminding yourself to thaw out dinner all at once; that mental image is basically what eyetap puts in front of you. Pretty neat!


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