Steampunk as a style is easily recognizable, but its precise origins are not. Aside from the term itself (attributed to a K.W. Jeter), Steampunk’s exact beginning is, as of yet, a mystery (or rather, a subject of considerable dispute).

Steampunk consists of an entire aesthetic and conceptual style founded on the fantastic technological ideals of daydreamers in the Victorian era.

It is the representation of life and our reality as it would be had the world developed along an alternate timeline in which coal and steam power were forever held in high regard.

Toss Victorian-era fashion and rugged colors into the mix and you have yourself the quintessence of the genre.

Jon Del Arroz has taken to the genre with his newest book in epic fashion – putting his own slant on its rich store of concepts and making them his own.

Here, we’ve taken a moment to learn about his motivations and interests.

Plus, he’s supplied Odd Nugget with an enticing blurb of his great new novel, “For Steam and Country.”

Check it all out below and be sure to follow him on Twitter (@jondelarroz).

How did you first come up with your book’s concept?

I first got into steampunk in 2011-2012 at Dragon*Con when I saw all the gorgeous cosplay out there.

It was awesome and it immediately got my mind churning on writing a Steampunk fantasy.

That whole steampunk movement swelled and I noticed that very few books in the fantasy adventure realm were coming out, and that most Steampunk was romance that happened to throw in a few mechanical things and gears.

Not that I’m opposed to romance (my books have plenty of that) but I wanted more of an old school adventure focus. I plotted out For Steam And Country in that 2013-2014 time as a response to that and wrote the first draft through 2015.

Went through this last year with all I’ve learned after my super successful debut novel, Star Realms: Rescue Run was released, and refreshed the concept to bring it to life.

The main character is named Zaira Von Monocle – and actually, the story behind the name Zaira is that I met someone with that name at a convention in 2013 when I was setting up selling my graphic novels. I thought that was such a cool name that I stole it for the book.