Stay Lunar's "Brainshake" Will Shake Yours Too

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Stay Lunar's new tune "Brainshake" blows its top with true indie rock vigor.

Heated sounds separate at the seams to form a full-fledged musical explosion in this energetic track.

This is not your place.

You are not yourself. Step into the light.

Let them see your face.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"You turn me from blue to red..."

Stay Lunar stick fast in the mind with "Brainshake," shuttling shooting star strings and supernova snares to cerebral space in spectacular fashion.

Audible chroma careens, submerged percussion rises to a boil and vocals bubble to the surface in this supersonic song. The intro is a melodic pileup; Mach 5 melodies form harmony from the collision's collateral damage, coming full circle by song's end. We're pulled into a time warp, where the brain can't keep still as the soundscape shakes, to be pummeled with power chords juxtaposed against a mellow voice.


Stay Lunar leave us in shock in "Brainshake". Big sounds set quiet thoughts afloat on reverberating waves and the whole of it shimmers with ebullient liveliness.

"Brainshake" is a chemical explosion of sound just waiting to incinerate your ears. Sceptical? Press play and blast away.

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