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Chiptunes are like sprite-art, but for music instead..


The best chiptune albums are meant to take you away. Enjoy a few of the awesome picks below to drift away today!

ArenaNet - Guild Wars - Super Adventure Box

ArenaNet Guild Wars  - Super Adventure Box song img

April Fools' Day! Except this isn't really a joke. For , we created a massive jumping puzzle as a love letter to the -bit games of yore. Obviously that meant it needed an appropriately retro soundtrack to go with it. Composers Maclaine Diemer and Lena Chappelle have written a whole slew of new pieces just for Super Adventure Box. Take a listen!

Guild Wars - Super Adventure Box by ArenaNet

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UNDERTALE Soundtrack by toby fox

UNDERTALE Soundtrack by toby fox song img

- Bkn - Octagon (Full Album) Chiptune

Bkn's 'Octagon' album in its entirety.

. Act I - The Prophecy

. Act II - The Dark Forest

. Act III - The Dungeon of Dymoxidor

. Act IV - The Shire

. Act V - The Battle at Mammoth Mountain

. Act VI - The Whale

. Act VII - The Sword of Mastadonius

. Act VIII - The Octagon

Ѯ said: ': - The Prophecy

The Dark Forest

The Dungeon of Dymoxidor

The Shire

The Battle at Mammoth Mountain

The Whale

The Sword of Mastadonius

The Octagon'

Will Staffan said: 'This album messes with my head. It gets me thinking way too deep, to a level that scares me. It's a really intense experience I wish I knew how to put into words better.'

D. H.K.C said: '... this isn't a chiptune album, it's a s sci fi soundtrack to a cult classic that was never released.'

Bkn - Octagon (Full Album) Chiptune by


Slycology by DEFENSE MECHANISM song img

For Furfur.

Portions of this album's proceeds will be donated to The Pipsqueakery, a c small animal rescue and sanctuary. www.thepipsqueakery.org

If you donate directly to them, send a copy of your receipt for a donation to defensemchgmail.com and I will send you a download code for the album.

Special thanks in no particular order to kipptune, nintenkwondo!, Disposable Planet, .exe, apc, b-knox, Kemikziel, pouale, bryface, Miragey, Daimon Luke, sparklecats, Aquellex, Mel, Johan Kotlinski, and Lyndsay.


Nostalgia Freak - Chiptune Playlist II

Nostalgia Freak Chiptune Playlist II song img

Second chiptune playlist, go and check out Chiptune Playlist I or Chiptune Playlist III if you want to hear more.

If something doesn't constitute as chiptune or an artist is problematic, please shoot me a DM with an explanation either here or on my Twitter or Instagram.

Chiptune Playlist II by Nostalgia Freak

The Dangerously Magnificent Cosmic Adventure by Popskyy

The Dangerously Magnificent Cosmic Adventure by Popskyy song img

ChrisChristodoulou - Risk of Rain

ChrisChristodoulou Risk of Rain song img

Get the OST: chrischristodoulou.bandcamp.com

Composed produced by Chris Christodoulou

Risk of Rain by ChrisChristodoulou

- Realm of Mind - ChipJazz (full album) [Chiptune jazz] [Finland, ]

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The link between (Japanese) jazz fusion and the music of nearly every game released pre-

has been pointed out quite a lot in the comment section of this channel before. Realm of mind

embraces that connection and throws together the music of games (chiptune) and that which inspired

it in the first place. (jazz) The result is very interesting to say the least. Enjoy!


. beach zone

.the great project

. hyperjump

. reunion

. star mountain

. dawn on moon

. forest

. jetpack samurai

. sky city

. space invading cats

. sunny meadows


Composed by Realm of Mind

Trumpet by Anatomy of the Spirit

Guitar by Nick Leone

released february

Aksel Litre said: 'I've known this dude in real life for over years ! He lives in my city, feels good to see my dude get some much deserved recognition .'

Mozata said: ': Beach Zone

The Great Project



Star Mountain

Dawn on Moon


Jetpack Samurai

Sky City

Space Invading Cats

Sunny Meadows

Pls put timestamps in ur videos pls'

hime nam said: 'chiptune and jazz? i'm sold!! bless your amazing soul for letting me know all these genres and albums! honestly your channel is a bliss'

Realm of Mind - ChipJazz (full album) [Chiptune jazz] [Finland, ] by

Read Alexander the Great and Cleitus the Black next.


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