Stanley Enow, Tzy P. and Locko Say "My Way" is Your Way Too

Odd Nugget Social-done

Stanley Enow, Tzy Panchak and Locko join forces to form this gorgeous tune. "My Way" is upbeat, melodic music with addictive rhythm.

An easy song to love, "My Way" is way too good to pass up.

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Sand and surf. Your turf.

Time, tunes and solitude. Or, maybe not.

It's hot, but a crowd comes to keep you cool.

Family, friends... And they've all found you.

"My sister, find your way too."

Tight classical violin verse sprays color over a sandy sweet Afrobeat in "My Way". Three kings come in with the lyrics and the rest is riddim.

"My Way" is flush with festive feels. It's a party from start to end. Playing like a bouncing beachfront scene, it's a blend of light, melodic elements over drums.

Violins swell. Drums tap. Bass bellows and voices veer out and up in all directions. We're lifted. Lifting to new heights, each passing second of this song introduces a new variation on the rhythm and vocals. Even when you can hear the timbales tiptoeing around and where you can pick out each perfectly placed bass drum pounding, there's so much more happening at once, it all just engulfs you. To drown in drums...

Anyone who's up for happy, hopeful, positive vibes worth dancing to will love this track. "My Way" is the only way. Have it your way.

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