Standing Before Kings' "St. Helena" is Nothing You've Ever Heard Before

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Affective tones take over Standing Before Kings' tale of a track "St. Helena".

Like Muse meeting up with the Pet Shop Boys, this track boards a barge of tense alt. rock melancholy to cross an ocean of electronic meaning.

An island... Trapped in paradise...

You might have come of your own accord.

Yet, now you can hardly afford to stay.

With each night and day, you fade away.


"There's the land of gods; mystic and romantic..."

Clean, Standing Before Kings cut equal portions of electronic and analogue sound to combine in "St. Helena". It carries the cold exile history of Napoleon from stale pages through a moving musical progression. Silky keys and odd time signatures set us at sail to an island, volcanic and far removed. St. Helena stands as destination, final; absolute.

This song swells with pride for its namesake place, yet it's tempered carefully with such a strong mix of subtle emotions as to fascinate the ears forever. Lyrics pass poetry over parted lips, to a pool of Tool-esque near-tribal-chant guitar chug. We're treading melody, submerging in sound.

This is a great tune to turn on if you're up for alternative rock with a real raison d'etre. Even if you're only up for relaxing, this is worth your while. Sweet exile for your ears.

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