Springtide's "We Are Heading to the East" is a Story With No Words

Odd Nugget Social-done

In a swirl of sounds at once organic and industrial, Springtide sweep the senses throughout their song "We Are Heading to the East".

East? West? Direction be damned... Hearing this will have you following along too.

Fast-paced and productive, you're plodding.

Street heats slowly underfoot.

Ash and soot, you're burning. Sinking...

Sunken soon about 6 feet deep...


Opening to icy radar blips and a percussive collision, this track traces its own way through unexplored sonic space. Extremely eclectic tracks can be a bit disorienting at times. "We Are Heading to the East" is a delicacy of the phenomenon.

A deluge of dribbling drums, whistling squeals, choral and wordless vocals, supersonic guitars and wind-whipped field recordings forces itself upon you over the course of this tune.

Such a creative combination of sounds... Tribal hand-tapped drums pair impossibly well with electric guitar, giving this instrumental track truly standout style.

An avalanche of ecstatic sonic exploration, this song stations us at an outpost overlooking the fringes of progressive rock and jazz fusion.

"We Are Heading to the East" will definitely take you on a trip of sorts. It's a surefire way to set off those cylinders in your mind - a sonic draught to daydream to. Go for it.

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