Southpaw Pour Their "Secrets Out"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Southpaw come in with airy rock fare in their latest track "Secrets Out".

It's indie rock that'll shock your socks off.

Disoriented, you stumble.

An alleyway packed with passed out party-goers...

The party goes on. Intoxicating...

Intoxicated, you tumble.

Odd Nugget-done

"And I've gone and had too much to drink..."

This track moves you like Maximo Park and shakes you like Arctic Monkeys. We Are Southpaw even manage to bring Bloc Party to mind in this befuddling energy-burst of a rock song.

Over the course of its crazy dynamic run time, "Secrets Out" sets out a table of intoxicating tones, turning them in on themselves at every turn. Riffs run rampant under vocals, at once rebellious and melodious. Snappy drum work breaks the mix to a quick, kicky riot you can hop and skip to.

Shifts in scale set hairs on end as the song nears its own. A sudden downturn to near-dissonance comes as a definite surprise. Vocals drop melody to shout sharp lines along this unfamiliar territory just before the song stops. Mic drop?

This is a solid rock track with a wealth of pep worth stepping to. It's pure energy arcing on a live wire. Plug it in and press play.

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