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Soul songs and albums are the perfect sonic tonic for anyone tired of life's ups and downs. Ditch your frown and free yourself with these sounds...

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Red Flags by Emesa & Wilczynski

Red Flags by Emesa & Wilczynski song img

After their successful "Monday Morning" Single from 2019, finally lo-fi beatsmith Wilczynski and sensual soul artist Emesa collaborate again for their upcoming album project "Red Flags" opening with the fabulously subtle new single "Swim Again".

It will be released with a music video and is a perfect melange of lofi beats with crystal clear voice acting by a newcomer sounding like she's never done something else before. Soft > hard vulnerable and sexy lyrical and strong.

17.03.2022 Swim Again

22.04.2022 Papers Flowers

13.05.2022 Thank me later

10.06.2022 Behave

True Release: 08.07.22

Red Flags by Emesa & Wilczynski

- Noora Noor full album Soul deep (songs in description) Underrated artists

What man have done 00:00 - 4:00

Someone you use 4:00 - 7:31

Funky way 7:31 - 11:07

Forget what I said 11:07 - 14:26

Your good thing 14:26 - 18:45

Little ghetto boy 18:45 - 22:42

She will break your heart 22:42 - 27:12

Dedication 27:12 - 31:44

Musiq 31:44 - 38:46

Die for you 38:46 - 43:08

Move on up 43:08 - 49:01

You will always be free 49:01 - 52:30

Zeal Ardor by Zeal and Ardor

Zeal  Ardor by Zeal and Ardor song img

Recordings from the Åland Islands by Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer

Recordings from the Åland Islands by Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer song img

In 2017 Jeremiah Chiu Marta Sofia Honer traveled together to the Åland Islands (an archipelago that is host to around 6,500 islands) in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. They headed to the islands with the intention of helping two friends (motherdaughter duo JannikaSage Reed) barn raise a small inn named Hotel Svala in Kumlinge (a municipality consisting of a small group of islands and a population of about 320). The idea was that, once completed, Svala would host artist residencies and workshop programs, creating a direct link between the islands and the USA.

The concept of recording music there came about as Honer Chiu learned more and more about the islands. They were taken by the serene and strange quality of the place. The sun doesnt set in the summer (and barely rises in the winter). The network of miniature islands is traversed by ferry which, according to Chiu, casts a surreal horizontal movement through space and time, with islands shifting into and out of periphery, totally still and calm, yet always in motion.

In 2019 they were awarded a grant from the Department of Culture to return and perform a concert at the Kumlinge Kyrka, a 14th century medieval church adorned with incredible frescos. The concert was recorded and became source material along with... more

Recordings from the Åland Islands by Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer

- Jestofunk - Love In A Black Dimension . Full Album Soul Funk Dance House Acid Jazz .HQ


Smooth and funky Italian group with a cool electric feel. Sounding more like a lost 70s record collection than a 90s recording in an Italian studio. This is the bands debut album and features a great remake of Donny Hathaways The Ghetto plus groovy originals that hit the cult status, such as Im Gonna Love You and Say It Again. Very special guests: vocalist Ce Ce Rogers and trombonist Fred Wesley.

Tracking List:

1) Intro (00:00)

2) Can we live (00:52)

3) Fluid (07:12)

4) Find your state of mind (13:24)

5) Say it again (19:10)

6) Straight to you (24:53)

7) Fly love songs (30:45)

8) For your precious love (36:10)

9) Moai message (41:46)

10) The ghetto (48:42)

11) Dance to the music (55:37)

12) Im gonna love you (01:00:40)

13) Theme from JFK (01:06:25)

GaetanoCozza said: 'One of the greatest album of deep funk from the Italian Nineties. It's pure pleasure that we had a fistful of pure jewels among a fuin' ton of rubbish.'

zeitoun systeme said: 'The most underrated band ever!!!'

Claudia Lopes said: 'Irma records changed my life when i was teenager in the 90's because it brings me another vision of music.

Thanks from France and Brazil.'

Jestofunk - Love In A Black Dimension . Full Album Soul Funk Dance House Acid Jazz .HQ by

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