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So many musicians have produced epic soul albums that condensing the options down to the picks below took a ton of effort. Hopefully, a few will float your boat!

Panama 77 by Daniel Villarreal

Panama 77 by Daniel Villarreal song img

Panama 77 a vibrant and verdant suite of multi-textural, jazz-laced psychedelic instrumental folk-funk is the debut album by Panama-born, Chicago-based drummer and DJ Daniel Villarreal.

Though its a debut work in the eyes of the world, Villarreal has long been a widely known and beloved character on the Chicago music scene. On almost any night of the week, youll find him DJing at atleast one spot on bustling 18th Street in his home neighborhood of Pilsen. (The decadent track 18th Morgan is an homage to that strip, with its lowrider meets Roy Ayers vibe, vividly depicting Villarreals daily life driving to a gig in his classic baby-blue Mercedes sedan, wearing a beaver-skin Stetson and tinted aviators.) If hes not there, hes playing drums with Dos Santos, Valebol, The Los Sundowns or Ida y Vuelta (all bands he co-leads), or sitting in with Wild Belle or Rudy De Anda.

Villarreal may be most known for his big style and magnetic personality, but to musicians on the scene, its as much for his talents as a malleable and reliable drummer, with a deep pocket in many styles and sounds. Through Dos Santos and Ida y Vuelta, hes demonstrated a range of knowledge and skill in various stripes of folkloric Latin music; but, ironically, he didnt really play traditional Latin music until he moved to the States from his... more

Panama 77 by Daniel Villarreal

- S O U L (Usa, 1972) - Can You Feel It (Full Album)

Groove Master said: 'Music that says, "Stop here" place else to go! The talent during this era is unequaled.Commercial success didn't matter as much, the 80's destroyed this pure groove.'

The Real Music Observer said: 'An amazing tour de force of blues, rock, soul, r b and jam band jazz. The sax kills. The whole thing is tight and groundbreaking.'

Tim Chapple said: 'Sublime grooves.'

S O U L (Usa, 1972) - Can You Feel It (Full Album) by

Sage Motel by Monophonics

Sage Motel by Monophonics song img

The world's premier psychedelic soul band, Monophonics, cordially invites you to attend the grand re-opening of the once thriving, once vibrant establishment, the legendary Sage Motel. A place where folks experience the highs and lows of human existence. A place where big dreams and broken hearts live, where people arrive without ever knowing how they got there. It's where individuals find themselves at a crossroads in life.

What started as a quaint motor lodge and a common pitstop for travelers and truckers in the 1940s morphed into a bohemians hang by the 1960s and 1970s. Artists, musicians, and vagabonds of all types would stop there as seedy ownership pumped obnoxious amounts of money into high end renovations, eventually attracting some of the most prominent acts of the era. But when the money ran out, The Sage Motel devolved into a place where you rent by the hour.

If these walls of the Sage Motel could talk, this is what they'd say. So join us as we examine where the stories are told and experiences unfold.....and sink into a soft pillow of soulful psychedelia.....down at the Sage Motel.

Sage Motel by Monophonics

Remember Your North Star by yaya bey

Remember Your North Star by yaya bey song img

Yaya Bey is one of RBs most exciting storytellers. Using a combination of ancestral forces and her own self-actualization, the singersongwriter seamlessly navigates lifes hardships and joyful moments through music. Beys new album, Remember Your North Star (out June 17), captures this emotional rollercoaster with a fusion of soul, jazz, reggae, afrobeat and hip-hop that feeds the soul. The artists knack for storytelling is best displayed in the albums lead single, keisha. Its an anthemic embodiment of fed-up women everywhere who have given their all in a relationship, yet their physical body nor spiritual mind could never be enough.

Beys ability to tap into the emotionally kaleidoscopic nature of women, specifically Black women, is the essence of the entire album. With themes of misogynoir, unpacking generational trauma, carefree romance, parental relationships, women empowerment and self-love, Remember Your North Star proves that the road to healing isnt a linear one there are many lessons to gather along the journey.

I saw a tweet that said, Black women have never seen healthy love or have been loved in a healthy way. That's a deep wound for us. Then I started to think about our responses to that as Black women, Bey says of Remember Your North Stars title inspiration, an... more

Remember Your North Star by yaya bey

- Best Of Soul Funky Groove - Vol 2 [Full Album]

.quo. Best Of Soul Funky Groove - Vol 2 [Full Album] by | | Gal Zrz said: 'Just listening at the first notes, I knew this was going to be an awesome list! Thank you for posting!!!'>>Flavia C Marques said: 'Que som maneiroooo!'>>ForestFly1 said: 'last 4 songs: >>58:52 Vicki Anderson - If You Don't Give Me What I Want

>>1:01:43 Camille Bob - Brother Brown

>>1:04:51 Hank Crawford - Sugar Free

>>1:09:32 Gene Chandler Jerry Butler - Ten And Two' .te.

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