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The best soul albums are meant to take you away. Enjoy a few of the awesome picks below to drift away today!

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HOW TO DRESS WELL IN THE DARK by mBtheLight song img

to the universeyou never disappoint. thank you for all that is, for all that was, for all that will be. source dont lie.

to mama v big mo, yall made a monsta, let the world deal and be well with that magic.

to everyone who made this album possible, especially mahogani music and olu cobless ya souls divinity

and to the world that awaits, i pray youre ready. IAM.

happy listening, mB


- Best Songs Of Shalamar - Shalamar Greatest hits Full Album - Funk Soul Classic

Fi Rouz said: 'Jody Watley!

Grammy winning vocalist with supermodel looks, distinct voice and an amazing dancer.

One of the most underrated female (solo) artists, always self-styled and a fashion and style icon!

She never got the flowers she deserves.

Especially in the black community.

She was ahead of her time by at least 30 years.'

Steven Collings said: '68 year old and i can still dance like a 20 year old - soul is in the heart'

The Happy Companion - Afrikan Travel TV said: 'I was a young kid when i first heard this playing on my parents record player. Great memories'

Best Songs Of Shalamar - Shalamar Greatest hits Full Album - Funk Soul Classic by

Topical Dancer by Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul

Topical Dancer by Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul song img

Charlotte Adigery Bolis Pupul 'Topical Dancer' [DEEWEE055] is out now.

You can order the limited 7" singles vinyl collection and the Deluxe LP


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If you are based in the EU, you can pre-order the standard LP and CD direct from Bandcamp to avoid possible customs fees as products will ship direct from Germany.

Belgian-Caribbean provocateur Charlotte Adigery and her long-term musical partner, Bolis Pupul release their phenomenal debut album Topical Dancer via Soulwaxs iconic label DEEWEE.Cultural appropriation and racism. Social media vanity. Post-colonialism and political correctness. These are not talking points that youd ordinarily hear on the dancefloor but Charlotte and Bolis have ripped up the rulebook with their debut record. Featuring standout singles Blenda, HAHA, Thank You, Ceci nest pas un cliche and todays focus track Making Sense Stop, Topical Dancer - which cements Charlotte and Bolis as a duo under both their names for the first time and is co-written and co-produced by Soulwax is both a triumph of kaleidoscopic electro-pop and a snapshot of how we think about pop culture in the 2020s.

Topical Dancer by Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul

Warumo Los Rockets (Exclusive two singles bundle) - Pre Order by WARUMO-LOS ROCKETS

Warumo  Los Rockets (Exclusive two singles bundle) - Pre Order by WARUMO-LOS ROCKETS song img

We finish our Nicaraguan trilogy presenting the bravest of the Guaguanco of Nicaragua, from the beautiful city of Masaya, the Warumo Orchestra!

The good thing...

Formed at the beginning of 1976, when four friends started with the idea of organizing the first purely Salsera orchestra in Nicaragua, La Salsa was hitting hard throughout Central America, thanks to the immense popularity of El Gran Combo and its tours of Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. The label Fania Records had serious intentions of launching a franchise in Managua in association with SISA (Sonido Industrial, SA) and Weimar Serrano saw the great potential, thus, with Javier Pena, he decides to organize himself with friends from various groups such as Los Signos del Zodiaco. , Los Cobanes, Los Lobos and Los Hellers, and they settle down to rehearse in the popular neighborhood of Masaya called "El Barrio Loco" and from there with the influence of Roberto Roena and Ray Barretto they begin to create their own compositions with their particular wild sound to two trombones and three trumpets

Although Salsa, Son Montuno and Guaguanco were rhythms that had already been recorded by groups such as Los Clarks... more

Warumo Los Rockets (Exclusive two singles bundle) - Pre Order by WARUMO-LOS ROCKETS

- Soul Hymns - Full Album

Soul Hymns is the tenth record release from Isla Vista Worship, our little familycollective of artists worshippers within the 1-square-mile city of Isla Vista, CA.

Our sound is typically a colorful array, gleaming with the flavors of individuals who are a part of the worship movement at the given time. The current catalogue consists of Acoustic Worship, Synth Pop, Indie Rock, and Alt Rock.

The Soul Hymns record is the first SoulRB project from our beachtown worship team.

The pilot of the record, Mark Barlow, is our Chicagoan blue eyed soul, easily recognized by his buttery chord progressions and fireplace falsetto. Hes best known for his work on So In Love from our most recent record, Isla Vista Worship 2.

Closing up an 8 year process that began with a dream of creating a soulful, personal worship EP, Barlow finally brings his heart to the table with a minimalist mindset. With mostly down-tempo and keys-and-percussion driven orchestration, Soul Hymns is heavily informed by the styles of Daniel Caesar, Honne, Tom Misch, Vulfpeck, Kiefer, Sam Smith, and Mac Ayres.

Barlow describes Soul Hymns as a "humble expression of familiarity with our heavenly Father; a meek, inviting musical experience to aide time spent surrendering, basking in Gods kindness mercy."

Make Jesus Famous Ministries said: 'This album is fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!'

CL Sia said: 'Thank you!!!!

0:00 814

4:04 Captured

9:15 So in Love - B side

14:23 Kindness

20:21 My Portion

27:02 Opened Up the Heavens'

Priscilla SA said: 'Quase todos os dias eu ouço essa obra prima '

Soul Hymns - Full Album by

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