Son of Glenn's "All of My Friends" Will Befriend Your Ear-Holes

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Son of Glenn set all sorts of emotions aflame in their newest single, "All of My Friends".

Like the Obsessives, but loaded with subtleties that grow as the track goes on... This band brings a brand new blend of alternative influence to the realm of emo rock.

Taken aback... You're isolated.

Desolate of mind... Menaced of soul. Feeling ancient, but you're not old.

Is it life you've lost or the means to make it?


"... all of my friends are messed up or stupid, with nowhere to go..."

There's a strong swaying feel to this song's sound. Strings pour, as a torrent, into chords, tuned and strewn in air. Festoons of sound shifting errant in wind...

Vocals in this song gesticulate at the instruments, prompting them to turn on a dime at each turn in emotional direction. Despite major shifts in motion, "All of My Friends" feels smooth and uniform. Where there are ups there are downs, but where there are downs there are sounds so sweet and subtle as to make the coming chorus a surprise.


When each chorus arrives, it's the coming of a storm after exiting its eye. Synths, abuzz with fuzz, swerve to a swirl over languid drums as the singer voices plaintive pleas.

Give this song a go if you're up for a nuanced take on emo rock. More so if you're yet unacquainted with the genre. It's but a play away.

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