Somedays Will Punch Your Brain With "When We Left"


Odd Nugget Social-doneSomedays sling straight-laced rock into crystalline guitar shards in their new tune "When We Left".

Full-frontal upbeat sound with a world-weary twist...

"...Just a way to go find out..."

Too deep. You over-analyze.

Beak-deep; your ears fill with sand.

No sleep. Your arms and legs are tied.

All your daydreams wield a bitter end.

When We Left-done

"...But I can't explain..."

Somedays could play this song all day. "When We Left" is like Radiohead, dazed and strung out, strumming to a stream of consciousness and maxed-out with Maximo Park pizazz.

There's bottomless energy outpouring from this track, yet its words form a surprising juxtaposition. Melancholy marks the mood here; an energetic sense of melancholy masquerading as mirth.

Cold tones the guitars give, in chords and carefully-picked notes. Cold and impossibly upbeat for the song's sombre subject. Coupled with clear, yet nonchalant and almost taunting vocals, "When We Left" fascinates as a full spectrum of musical emotions.

You really can put this song on replay, play it all day and daydream a while. There's hypnotic appeal here. Something subtle to the sound you'll want to keep around. Spin it a bit and enjoy.

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