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"Don't read" "Y tho" "Coz u crusty" "oh ok"

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Every year the locals warn me how dangerous it is to run through the swamp with my girlfriend, how every summer at least one couple goes running and only one comes back

Yet every winter I get a new girlfriend and every summer I get a new body.

Posted on Reddit by bookseer.

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The witch of Ft. Benning Land Nav

So I went through the 22 weeks infantry OSUT and the worst experience I had was the individual night land nav. I was in the middle of the swamp around 2am looking at my map. Suddenly every hair on my body stood on end and my red light flickers. I turn it off and start looking around when I spot the silhouette of a woman in what I can only describe as a pioneer's outfit. I looked away for a second and looked back. nothing. I told myself that I was seeing $#!#, picked a direction I thought was good, and started walking. I start hearing the crunching and breaking of leaves in rythm with my steps behind me, as if someone was matching my pace, and my hairs stood up again. I stopped and looked behind me, nothing, I continued walking, same thing happened. Looked again, nothing. I decided that three points was plenty for tonight and started booking it. As I'm running, I clearly hear and see something jumping from tree to tree, keeping pace with as I cut through the woods, sprinting full speed. I'm not the fastest but at the time I had a 13:45 and have 5 sec 40yard. NOTHING could have moved that quickly through those trees.

I make it to the starting point, turn in my $#!# and sit on my gear. Another guy comes running in about 15 minutes later. (We still have two hours left at this point so it makes no sense why he would be in a hurry.) He does his $#!# and sits next to me. He turns to me "Dude... did you have a point in the swamp?"

I gesture at my boots and pants "Yeah, can't you tell."

"Yeah, sorry. but anyway... did you see a woman in a-"

"Pioneer outfit!"

"Yeah! I was writing down my point's info when my light started flickering and I heard something in the tree above me. I looked up and saw her sitting in a tree up above the point, just staring down at me with lifeless eyes and an empty face. I ran faster than I ever have and didn't stop till I got here."

It's at this point where the guy sitting behind us leans forward, "You all saw her too?" We nod. " I started walking into the swamp when I saw her sit up out of the water and slowly turn to look at me. I froze and like... I only broke out of it when the Lt. walked up behind me and asked what I was looking at. I looked and him and pointed but when I did, she was gone. No noise, nothing." This kid was an honest dude, and I could tell by the look in his eye that he wasn't #$@$ing with us.

I want to know if any one else has had an experience with this same... entity?

Posted on Reddit by M0rtyM0use.

Bayou Revelations

2nd half of Bayou Secrets Mashup between the Bloodlines Legacy Series and The Crane Diaries.

Bayou Revelations on Wattpad

After searching for the perfect place to escape in wilderness, I think I've finally found it..

That was until a heard a voice coming from the distance yelling "Get out of my swamp"

Posted on Reddit by xandthey.

The Feeders

When fourteen year old Barry Ryan he convinced that something evil is going on in his new home out in Louisiana swamps. >>things get weirder when Barry is watching his parents slowly go insane in the process.

The Feeders on Wattpad

Weird, glowing blue light in the woods last night

Hi everyone, Im new here but do not know where else to post this or what we saw.

My fiance were out on the frozen lake in front of our place last night looking at the stars. It was extremely dark out. My eye was drawn to a part of the wooded shoreline where there was a whiteblue diffused light glowing nearby a tree. It was probably about 2m across. It wasnt very bright but it was bright enough to catch my eye.

I pointed it out to my fiance and he saw it too. He called out hey!. A moment later the light kind of closed in and diffused and then it was gone. We didnt hear any voices, there were no other lights, or vehicles. It is worth noting that we live behind a locked gate and no one else should have been on our road.

Has anyone seen anything like this or have any ideas what we might have seen? I have heard of will o wisps, and since we were standing over a frozen lake swamp that crossed my mind. But it did not flicker or move and went out after a moment.

Thanks in advance!

Posted on Reddit by lyrataficus.

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