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People from all over have loads of eldritch school stories like the ones below. It's all too easy to read them all...


Home is where the heart is.

That's what they say.

But when you revisit your old school, memories you thought long buried can be a killer.

Your friends.

Your teachers.

The melting man...

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Is that Dads Chair?

Good morning everyone. I wanted to share something that happened this morning and get your thoughts on it.

For backstory, in December 2012, my dad passed away in our home. He had been in a wheelchair since he was 18. At the time, we lived in Arkansas, but moved to Illinois after his death. Before we moved, there was a guy in town who used to go up and down the street the school was on in an old wheelchair. He used his feet to move instead of his hands on the wheels. So when we were getting ready to leave, my mom gave the guy dads chair.

Since moving, Ive had dreams about that place at least once a month. There was a lot of hurtful memories there, so it drives me insane when I get those dreams. Well I had one last night where I show up there and just stand in front of the house. Its a fairly common scenario I have. Anyway, sometimes after those dreams, I pull up google earth and look at that house and sometimes the school I went to. I did this morning, and saw the guy in my fathers wheelchair.

I called my mom and she also confirmed its dads chair. She even forgot she had given it to this guy. Its super weird me, especially that this Friday Im going to a small group reading.

What do you guys think? Also why do you think I keep having these dreams and how can I get it to stop?

Happy Tuesday!

Posted on Reddit by CommercialWeight2574.

Faith Heights

"He was a fallen angel, reclaimed and chosen as one of God's earthly warriors.

There are very few left on this plane of existence- and he hasn't been seen for centuries.

It's said that he has been searching...

for you." Lila Simmons didn't know what to expect when she received an acceptance letter from the exclusive, mysterious Faith Heights Academy.

Certainly not a whirlwind of inhuman sounds in the dead of the night, and bloody hand prints in the school's locked basements.

Certainly not a handsome angel claiming to be her soulmate, in this life and her many before it.

Lila must discern the truth from what the Faith Heights professors demand that she and the other scholarship students believe, and discover how far she is willing to go to unearth it.

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My haunted childhood home

My family moved to a small farming community in Stanislaus county, Ca in 1991. I was only 5 at the time. At that age as we all know, your mind is working overtime in the imagination department. So I had seen and heard things but my parents played it off as me just being 5.

As I got older, they would tell me not to worry, but the things I told them about were real and they would hear them too. Theyd say, dont worry they cant hurt you. So here we go:

The layout of our house was an L shape in a small 1400sqft single story house. The living room and kitchen were the short leg of the L and the hallway leading to the garage was the long leg. Along the long leg were the bedrooms, with my brothers room directly opposing mine and the garage door entrance being immediately to the right.

Things started off innocently enough. Early on wed heard some noises, and creaking in the attic but nothing that couldnt be confused with the settling of the house (freshly built). The whole house had carpet except the kitchen, which was tile. There was an almost nightly occurrence of a distinct slow and deliberate foot shuffle down the halls. It would stop, and then start again traveling the opposite direction as if the individual was pacing. Sometimes a door handle would get bumped and wed hear the tap of the metal against the wall. I remember we got one of those trash cans that would open when you stepped on the foot pedal. The damn ghost must have really enjoyed it because a few times a night Id hear it open and close, sometimes preceded or followed by the manipulation of something else in the kitchen.

Some years later things got more serious after one particular incident: I had gotten home from school early, and no one was home (parents both worked). I was in our living room eating lunch and I heard knocking on the garage door. It went from a light but consistent knocking to a few bursts of 3-4 hard knocks. My dad being notoriously impatient made me think they had opened the garage but locked themselves out. I walked down the hallway, saying Hold on Im coming! The knocking continued until I opened the door. No one was there and the garage was dark. I ran down the hall as fast as I could and exited outside. I stayed at a friends house for 4 days.

The second and last direct interaction I had, I was sitting at our computer chatting on AIM (circa 1998, and abbreviated for AOL instant messenger for anyone younger than 30). All the lights were off except the kitchen which was on the other side of the short partition wall that the computer was against, so you could look into the kitchen without standing up. My mom was outside gardening, it was about 6pm during the summer. I heard a rapid shuffle near the garage and a dart of the black shadow which went from the hallway to the kitchen and disappeared as soon as it appeared. It was so fast it didnt have time to react I just sat there in total fear. That stagnant air when it entered the room felt so real I can still remember what it felt like today. Again, I stayed with a friend for a few days and refused to come home. I was about 14 at the time.

The most common thing also happened to be the most terrifying. We would periodically hear voices. Mostly a mans voice, and it would vary from slight single words to an occasional shout. It was very distinct, and was later what my parents agreed upon as a short booming echo sound. The voice was never directed at us, but obviously VERY angry at someone, and VERY vocal for several days before it would stop only to start again whenever it felt it needed to. I never understood why ghost hunters use recording devices to record a faint sound. This one was very distinct and absolutely undeniable. When the voices came the air felt weird. Not cold like people say, but stagnant; like hard to breath.

The first time someone other than family heard it was when my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) stayed at the house and woke me up because she heard someone shout What are you doing! NO. A few months later she heard it again, this time coming from the garage, repeating the same booming NO!

EDIT: after my wife read this she wanted me to tell you all the voice sounded like someone yelling into a long tube. It seemed distant, yet amplified but with a distinct echo.

My best friend would stay over a lot, but never heard anything for years until one time when he woke up to the shuffle of feet and the NO! He didnt stay again for a few years. One morning my mom got home from work as I was leaving for school (she was a nightshift nurse) and she told me that she was sorry she didnt get up when I tried to wake her during the day, that she was tired. I of course didnt as she needed to sleep mid day. According to her, she woke up as a tall white male walked into her room, as he turned to enter the the bathroom he glanced over his shoulder and said Hey. She said she was marginally awake and didnt think much of it. She said she quickly went back to sleep thinking it was me. When I told her it wasnt , she damn near turned transparent as her face flushed. It was the first and last time anyone saw the actual apparition, not a shadowy figure.

A few years before I moved out, my parents had gotten a nasty divorce. My mom began to fix up the house to sell it and things went from bad to worse. The shuffling foot sound changed to obvious steps. The voices seemed louder too, more angry. Wed hear objects get manipulated during the day not just at night. The voices were still never directed at us and but started to not make sense, just shouting vague echo like sounds. Shadows started to appear more frequently and obviously too. My mom and I would watch tv every evening on her days off. The living room had a large cutout in the wall that looked into the hallway and a door entering the bathroom. It became a normal thing to share a sighting of the shadow, the ghost seemed to haunting the hallways and kitchen the most and it would be a quick moving shadow. My younger brother was the only person who said he saw the shadow hover momentarily before disappearing, again, in the kitchen.

Our house was built on the demolished site of a barn, the original farmhouse sat just across the street. We were good friends with the owners, but we never heard of any origin stories but I dont know if that matters. For all we know they killed hordes of people in there before selling it to the developer! One thing stayed constant: The sightings and voices would get more active in our house when there was a change in our household, no matter how slight. We just learned to live with it, even though it scared the $#!# out of us. Wed just share stories and nervously laugh it off.

Our family ended up selling the house, and its been 13 years since Ive lived there. We still talk about the happenings to this day.

Posted on Reddit by Deputy10848.

I started hearing footsteps when we first moved in.

For some context to us moving, me and my family were moving between states with our two dogs. We stopped in Tombstone, Arizona, and were staying there for the night. At some point in the day, a man sitting on a bench across the street from a store stops us and says to look up to a window because you could see a silhouette of a ghost. I was the only one who didn't see it. Later on, we go to our hotel and the next morning my brother and mom both said that they woke up in the middle of the night in sleep paralysis and saw a figure in our room.

Fast forward some, we get to our new house for a few years, eventually get a third dog, and while living here the others claimed they saw some paranormal events. Some at home, some out around town, or off the side of roads. Again, I never saw or felt the presence of anything.

So finally, we're moving to our current residence. This is when I absolutely experienced something paranormal.

Before I say what I felt, I'll talk about what I didn't have. Our three dogs weren't with us at the time, they were either at a pet hotel, or at an apartment one of my parents was at (due to work and they moved here before the rest of us).

I cannot recall whether we had slept in our current house at this point. I know for certain that we had only just began unpacking, and I only had my bed unpacked. We didn't have Wi-Fi. There was nothing for me to do at home. And even though I was a Sophmore in Highschool, I didn't have my own cell phone. I hadn't even started attending my new school yet.

So, my parents and brother decided they wanted to go to a Jiu Jitsu Class. They already knew I didn't care to go, but they asked me one more time if I'd like to go just to watch. I once again declined. If I had the foresight to realize we didn't have Wi-Fi, I probably would have gone with them. I'm not too sure why my mother didn't leave her phone for me, because in my older houses this was something that happened a few times. It was already pretty late in the day.

Alright, to the story. I'm now home alone, no dogs, no entertainment, no Wi-Fi, no phone. Well, I had a 3DS, but not my charger. I'm playing games for a bit when I notice it's about to die, realize I left my charger in the car. My fun is now over.

I can't recall what I'm doing, but for about 10 minutes I'm slowly getting bored. Something starts to feel off, but I brush it off as being in a new house all alone.

It was a very quiet night. I was sitting on my bed listening to the echo of the highway a few miles out. Normally I can't hear it when the AC is turned on, but when it's turned off and dead quiet in my house I can hear it. So the only things I can hear is the echo of a distant highway, and the gentle ringing of oncoming Tinnitus.

Then I hear a footstep. It sounded like someone was walking on carpet, there's just this distinct noise to it.

The door to my room was wide open, but even if it was closed I would have heard the footstep. And even if I did close it, I couldn't lock it. Every doorway in my hall was open right now.

I'm sitting there, frozen in place. What felt like a minute goes by, and I hear another footstep. It's undeniable that I'm hearing a footstep. I slowly start to stand up, and very cautiously make my way to the bathroom. When I walk out into my doorframe, the feeling that something is wrong starts to flood into me.

I don't move at all, I'm just standing there waiting. When I hear a third footstep, I quickly dart for the bathroom across the hall and close the door, locking it.

For a few minutes, I don't hear anything. Then I hear another footstep. This time, it immediately gets followed up by another one. Then another.

I can roughly tell where it is, and I hear it walk up to the bathroom door. At this moment I was convinced that there was someone in the house. For the next few minutes, there would be quick bursts of footsteps, as if someone was speed walking between rooms, stopping for a minute, and then moving to the next room. Sometimes, it stopped infront of the bathroom door. It was like a louder, constant movement. This goes on for a few minutes.

I knew that if there was a person in my house, I probably couldn't fight them off. For some reason I decided to say "Go away" the next time the footsteps came up to the door. At this point I was getting annoyed while still very scared. There was a prolonged period of silence before it moved to another room. It comes back, and I go "You better leave right now.", silence, it moves to another room. The final time I say something, I say "Leave me alone." and it goes away. I could still hear it moving around the hall and going to the different bedrooms, but it seemed to have stopped waiting at the bathroom door. It also was back to slower footsteps, as if someone was trying to be quiet.

Eventually the footsteps walked away, and sounded like they went somewhere else in the house. I quit hearing them for the remainder of the night. I was too scared of what happened and stayed in my bathroom. Overall, I think I heard something walking for about 45ish minutes.

When my parents came home (they were gone for about 2 and a half-ish hours), I explained what happened and we checked the entire house, after which everyone claimed it must have been a ghost. They were all suprised at how shaky I was, and that I looked pale.

To this day, I'm still skeptical on what really happened. Never witnessed or heard anything paranormal like this by myself prior.

For the past few years living here, others in my family have experience and seen things, even footsteps. I haven't had anymore encounters.

Posted on Reddit by SCRIBE_JONAS.

Cobweb Head

Will hears things -- the fears and phobias of those around him.

And when he's sent away to a foreign boarding school after an incident he caused with the new and dangerous side to this ability, he begins to realise there may be more to the school than he'd originally thought.

Windsor's Boarding School collects struggling kids from all over the globe -- and William Moore wants nothing to do with it.

But when he finds a dangerous secret society living on the school grounds, one that uses nightmares as a way of magic, he realises they might be connected to his freakish ability.

A stolen dream.

An exiled student.

A brewing war.

Making a risky deal with one of the members, Will finds himself drawn to the danger of his power and uncovers exactly what the society would do to him if they found it out.


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Something Evil haunted an old home and it changed my life.

Ill preface this by saying im going to leave identifying information out of this post for the sake of the privacy of the people living there now, since I no longer live in this home.

This happened almost 7 years ago, but I remember every detail like it was yesterday.

I lived in a 100-150 year old house, according to the landlord, for 6 months ish while my family were renovating our home. It was a very old house with a creepy basement and a hidden second staircase behind the kitchen.

There were four bedrooms, two vacant, the one I slept in and the one my parents slept in. The one my parents slept in had a walk in closet with a window in it where you could look through and see the top of the stairs. I thought it was strange, and itll be an important detail later.

We moved in when I was around 15 ish, or I had just turned 15 ish. The memories are a little foggy.

The first instance of activity I can remember was the night I moved in, and it was passive, as Id call it. I remember sitting up alone in my room after unpacking a couple boxes, and I was listening to a CD on this old stereo my parents had bought.

My parents were downstairs watching TV. I remember everything being fine, it was late at night and it was dark, the only light on upstairs being my room. The hall was pitch black. I must add that I have never been scared of the dark except for when I was a young child.

I remember pausing my music because I thought I heard footsteps, and thought my dad was coming up the stairs to tell me to turn it down, he did that a lot. But I still heard him talking to my ma downstairs. It felt though like someone was standing in the doorway, and I remember feeling extremely unsettled.

The feeling didnt leave me, and I sat there for a solid 5 minutes, putting my music back on to try and ease my mind but it still felt distinctly like someone was standing there, staring at me in the doorway. I couldnt see anyone, though. I remember getting so spooked out that I hurried downstairs and joined my parents in the living room. I said that I felt creeped out, and my ma said that it was probably just being in a new place, and Id settle down and get used to it eventually.

Bearing in mind this was my first EVER experience of the paranormal, and I had never felt like this before. I was convinced that someone was upstairs, but my parents brushed it off.

This sort of thing persisted for a few days, but only when I was somewhere alone. My ma refuses to talk about the house so Ive never found out if either of my parents had the same experiences - but given her defensiveness on it, Id presume they did.

Less passive things started happening after this. At first I dismissed it. Things like the pool balls on the table being moved when I returned to the games room even when I knew i put them in their little triangle formation for the game, but when Id come back, theyd be scattered across the table like someone broke them and started the game.

Small things would go missing, and reappear somewhere else or move very slightly but just nuisance things like that. Things one could disregard.

This persisted for a little while, and I didnt tell my parents about it because I didnt think anything of it.

I remember, when things got more intense, Id start to get chills right before something would happen. The room would go freezing cold for no explainable reason. The house had many draughts but it wasnt enough to take the room from luke warm to freezing cold in a few seconds.

Then something would happen, like an object would fall, or Id hear a noise and the room would go back to being warm again. Like nothing had changed.

The first time I felt truly scared, was when I woke up in my bed in the middle of the night and I felt like something was staring at me. I always slept with my door shut, and it felt like a stranger was standing in my room, over me, watching me sleep.

I had a shelf of books and various ornaments above my bed, my bed was against the wall - and I remember 3 of them falling on my legs and feet, one after the other, and then everything went quiet again. Nothing else happened that night and I fell back asleep, with difficulty.

Id hear tapping on my door at various points in the night and I was awake for a couple of those occasions. One night I couldnt fall asleep and I heard 3 taps on my door, very quiet like someone tapped a single fingernail against the door 3 times. There was one night where this happened multiple times, but the tapping would always come in 3s. Then it would be silent for about half an hour and then id hear it again.

In those beginning 3 weeks, looking back on it the activity was like your standard haunting. just nuisance and creepy things. but it was about a month into living there that things got super intense for me, and quite honestly really #$@$ing scary.

It was like the intensity scale went from 0-100 within a few days, at least thats what it felt like, it was such a drastic change from the odd disturbance to actual violent events that I couldnt explain.

One evening, I was in the house alone, only for about an hour. I was rarely ever in that house alone, there was always such a foul feeling about it, and I felt unsafe ever being there by myself at this point, my family had to be there or else id go as far as waiting out by the back door until they got home from work in my school uniform.

I felt entirely on edge the entire time, I couldnt sit still, I couldnt focus on homework or the TV, music, nothing. I kept feeling that same feeling like something was watching me, but it felt worse somehow because i was alone. I couldnt run to anyone to feel better, it was just me and this thing.

I remember I was trying to focus on some movie on the TV and the room went cold and I was instantly like oh $#!#, what do i do. By now I had figured out that what I was dealing with was a spirit, by the way. I was very familiar with the concept of ghosts and haunting but I didnt believe in any of it until I moved into that place.

I remember the movie was just ending and the screen went dark, on the credits screen and I could see my own reflection in the TV. And I saw something rush behind me, past me and presumably through the door into the kitchen. You had to walk through the living room to get to the kitchen.

It was like a tall black smoky figure, but it had no distinguishing shape, like a humanoid figure it was almost like a bundle of half transparent black smoke that just shot past in half a second. Seriously, one blink and Id have missed it.

Im not gonna say I acted tough in that moment, or that I was brave or anything. I just burst into tears because I was so scared - and somehow seeing it made all my fears a reality that I couldnt pass off as excuses anymore. My parents didnt believe a word I told them so I just stopped telling them anything, and they didnt help, making me think i was delusional and crazy.

I saw it a total of four separate occasions, the second being when I was in the walk in closet in my parents bedroom, looking for something. I cant remember what it was but i remember peeking out of that weird window I told you about earlier, and seeing a black shadow for a few seconds on the stairs, and it just faded away.

The third occasion was a tall black mist standing still in the corner of my room. I woke up and I felt paralysed, that was my first instance ever of sleep paralysis, and I remember seeing it in my peripheral vision, standing in the corner of my room until i regained consciousness in my body i guess? And when I could move, i turned to face it and it had disappeared. This one you might be able to discount as a hallucination because I know people experience those during sleep paralysis, so take that one with a grain of salt.

The fourth and final time I saw it fully, was in the kitchen. I was writing out a french exam Im pretty sure, or something to do with french class, and i turned and saw it rush through the kitchen door, into the living room.

I dont know why I saw it. I dont know if it was showing itself to me - because I have never seen another spirit since and I have lived in multiple haunted homes.

The worst experience, however. Theres two that tie hand in hand with the foulest experiences in this house which convince me that this thing did not have good intentions.

I felt touches, and what felt like light shoves sometimes. Especially when I was on the stairs, Id feel like a cold icy breeze against my shoulder, like something was running their hand really quickly across my skin.

The worst day for me was when I was upstairs alone. I went into the third bedroom. It was the first bedroom, to a door on the right at the top of the stairs. It was used as a storage room, and that room was ALWAYS cold. Freezing, even. Even if you stuck a heater in there it would not warm up.

But I remember I went into the room and started rifling through boxes and i was looking for something. And I remember sitting back because i could smell something rotten. Not like that sickly mouldy sweet smell thats like rotten food, or fruit. If youve ever smelt a dog food box thats exploded and left to go mouldy you will know the type of smell im talking about.

It was absolutely putrid and it came out of nowhere. and i just remember a box at the end of the room shaking, gently back and forth. and i looked at it and it was just a box of books, it wasnt anything significant, just a random storage box. trying not to be sick at the same time as watching this, mind you, the smell was making me gag every other second and i was just glued to my spot on the floor watching this box move on its own.

and the feeling in that room was so heavy. it was like the air was physically pressing down on my skin, and my chest and it was hard to breathe, i couldnt think, all i could feel was anger and fear. i dont even know where the anger came from, maybe being angry at this thing for making me feel threatened in my own home? Im not sure.

i remember the box slid a few centimetres, it didnt slide by much but after it slid it was still, and the smell just faded out. but that entire day i felt like something was almost sitting on my shoulders. my entire body felt so heavy, and i felt so tired and grouchy, and i was lashing out at everyone around me in this blind anger i couldnt explain.

and i went to bed early because i felt so tired, and i remember waking up the next morning and i had three lovely bright red scratches across the top of my arm. and i just knew i didnt do them (im a very bad nail biter I havent got any nails to speak of and definitely did not back then)

the entire remainder of the time i stayed there and for quite some time after, i couldnt shake this heavy feeling i had. it always felt like i had a chain strapped to my ankle. every breath, every step felt heavy, i was so tired and depressed all the time. ever since that day in the room with the box, its like everything changed, everything was flipped upside down and my happiness tanked.

even 6 years later $#!# isnt the same.

So, does anyone have any idea at all what this was?

Posted on Reddit by estrangedskeleton.

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