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There are probably people who genuinely believe that their toy-sized dog was stolen from their fenced-in backyard when actually they were prey for a hawk or an eagle.

Speaking of dogs...

So, you're ready to read some weird Dog stories, huh? Well, they're all laid out below...

Paranormal Ghost Guide

Do you or someone you know have experiences "dealing" with ghosts? In this book, I will teach you the differences between: Ghosts, Spirits, Psychic Mediums, Witches & Paranormal.

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It's not the fact that someone photobombed the picture I took of my dog in the park.

It's the fact that it is a different person every time I show it to someone.

Posted on Reddit by JagerSpawnkilledMe.

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Ghost dog. (Sad)

Not fiction.

Had a dog growing up, his name was Charlie.

Charlie was a mutt - pit and German Shepard mix and some other stuff. He was very willful, and prone to occasional violence with the other dog, Sam. But for the most part he was a good dog, even though he ate the arm off my dads recliner chair and just claimed it as his own.

This dog chewed everything. Shoes, couches, sticks, rocks.

He also loved to get out of the yard (a poorly fenced 1 acre woodland lot) but because of his aggression problems and his wanderlust, he wore a pretty heavy chain around his neck with a bell and reflectors attached.

Anyway, because he chewed everything, my mother bought a supposedly "unchewable" plastic bone thing for him.

First of all, #&@$ whatever company made that thing, because Charlie had no problem chewing through it and swallowing pieces of it.

A piece he swallowed ended up rupturing his intestine, and surgery would have been $6k at a predicted success rate of 20%. We didn't have that. Mom took him in and had him put down. Dad buried him in the yard.

Ten days later or so, it was me, my brother, and my dad, all up late. Just talking, not much going on.

Then we all heard it, and we all looked at each other. It was unmistakable. All at once we all heard the click clack of Charlie's claws on the deck, and the jingling of his chain, and the tiny little jingle bell. It just sounded 100% like Charlie was asking to come in.

Dad got up, went to the door, and opened it. Nothing was there on the porch. But dad just stood there with the door fully open for a good 10 seconds, standing off to the side as one would when letting a dog inside.

He saw that we were confused and said, "Just want to make sure Charlie got all the way back in."

And that was the end of it. Never heard him again. The only other thing of note here is my dad did not like dogs or cats until we got Charlie and Charlie promptly ate his very expensive chair. In some weird way, my dad respected that. Don't ask me why because I'd need to ask him, and sadly that's not possible.

Three people, myself included, all heard it at once and knew immediately what the sounds were. The closest neighboring house was a half mile away and our driveway was steep and long, so *any* noise was cause for alert. It was a very quiet place.

Anyway, that's the story of when Charlie came back inside for the last time.

Posted on Reddit by nutbastard.

Encounters with the Paranormal

Every since i was a baby i have been able to see spirits.

It has been passed down for generations.

Growing up they were constantly around me and have lingered even until now.

Here are my paranormal stories.

If any of you have your own paranormal encounters that you would like to share or even any questions you may want to ask.

Just message me and i promise to respond.


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I ordered a hot dog and I swear, the ketchup on it was the best I ever tasted.

I asked the vendor what brand it was and he said, “Thafs not ketchup, that’s blood from a dead child.”

Posted on Reddit by notgoingtobother.

I think I saw my dog years before he was actually born.

Way back in the mid 2000s I remember standing in my bedroom looking outside. No reason in particular- I just liked having a look at what was going on in the back garden. I remember seeing a collie walking up the garden path, and within a few seconds it had vanished.

It was strange, and at the time I thought it was a ghost (that house was creepy as hell).It was too big to be a cat. Way too big. And our own dog at the time was a medium sized pure black mutt.

Fast forward several years and I got a dog. A border collie. When he was full grown, probably about the same size as the dog I saw all those years before.

I can’t explain the spectral dog I saw in the garden... could it have been a glitch?

Posted on Reddit by CaledoniaHeart91.

Happy Death Day

When Zoey regains consciouness after a party, she's offered the deal of a lifetime.

Written for the @paranormalcommunity #happydeathday tag.

Happy Death Day on Wattpad

Maybe we are dogs of aliens

Today my dog heard another dog barking in the neighborhood. Immediately I thought, what does he thinks of the world outside our walls, we never let him go outside our walls. Maybe we are pets of aliens, like dogs. Maybe they don't let we go outside because can cause problems to another alien pets, other civilizations. Maybe we couldn't return home, maybe we would starve if we go outside. What do you guys think?

Posted on Reddit by victorhkr.

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