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After birth it makes everyone excited and happy if a baby cries.

But, did you know...

Feel free to keep reading if you're looking for some next-level creepy baby stories to have stuck in your mind forever...

Tiny Creatures

What if instead of a guardian angle you had a guardian ghost? Raise Baby alongside the ghost through his eyes.

Tiny Creatures was my experiment to see how a passive voiced narrator could impact a story.

Tiny Creatures on Wattpad

The birth had been a difficult one but, looking down at my brand new baby, my heart instantly swelled with love.

I carefully watched my footing as I stepped over the cut up body of my baby's former mother, thanking her for this priceless gift as she drew her final breaths.

Posted on Reddit by 34enjoythelilthings.

More Like This

After ten years, he finally set up the all clear broadcast to announce the end of the infection.

He tied the pistol to the broadcast lever so it would play to an empty world after he resolved the final case.

Posted on Reddit by HornyMephistopheles.

Protecting Peyton

Peyton Fontaine was a wallflower.

She didn't think she'd become much of anything.

That was until she got pregnant at a party while still being a senior in high school.

This is not just another teen pregnancy though.

Peyton's baby is very special, and so is she.

But is she enough to save the world? A war has terrorized the galaxies for nearly two decades.

All hope is lost until whispers of a prophecy begin to circulate.

Tension is rising, and the stakes are high when you're protecting one and a half humans.

Protecting Peyton on Wattpad

Baby Sitting Experience

This experience took place about 10 years ago. While I was babysitting my baby cousin at my grandmother's house.

Just to explain the layout her house has multiple levels. The main level with kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom has two sets of stairs, one goes up to the master bedbath. The other goes down to the den, laundry and a sunroom. From the den there is another set of stairs like goes to the finished basement.

This experience took place on the main level in the living room. I had the baby on my lap playing. There was no one else there. Out of nowhere there was suddenly crying coming over the monitor and I could also hear the crying throughout the house, coming from my grandmother's bedroom upstairs which is where her crib and the other monitor were.

I carried the baby and myself straight outside going right past the stairs to the upstairs bedroom to the set going down to the den and out the sunroom door, hearing the cries.

We stayed outside until my grandmother got home.

I have no explanation and it has baffled me all these years. Had I only heard it from the monitor I'd say possibly interference from another monitor close by. But I heard it so clearly from upstairs it carried and was louder passing by to get outside.

Posted on Reddit by Rerizzle.

Baby and Me - A Zashiki Warashi tale.

A mischievous presence grows attached to a couple's baby but is forced to depart from its only friend, and abandoned in the house when the couple has had enough of its antics.


Baby and Me - A Zashiki Warashi tale. on Wattpad

There's a uniquely special joy in making a newborn baby laugh for the first time.

But it doesn't beat the exhilaration you feel afterwards, as you slip out into the night to the sound of its parents screaming.

Posted on Reddit by rufflermao.

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