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It's okay if the weird alexa stories below freak you out! I'm pretty sure that's what they're supposed to do...

You cant have any light, or else they will see you

As my toddler babbled the word, Alexa I was horrified as a blue circle lit up across the room

Posted on Reddit by dankmemerboi86.

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My dad communicating through Amazon Alexa?

So my dad died 6 years ago, and I have definitely come across some strange situations, but none that left me as convinced that he was visiting me as this one.

When my dad died I remember trying to connect with him through his old music. I really connected to sultans of swing by Dire Straits and would hear it often after he died. I started to tell myself every time I heard it at work or when I was in an airport etc that it was somehow my dad checking in. It was comforting, although I know that my brain was likely primed to look for this song. I stopped believing that the song had any significance and stopped noticing it as much. To be honestly I hadnt heard it in a long time.

Im home alone and am getting out of the shower. I go into my room and my Amazon Alexa- that I only use for an alarm clock- is playing sultans of swing by Dire Straits. I dont listen to music on the Alexa and it was off when I went into the shower. The fact that it was playing music by itself was weird but the fact that it would be playing that specific song? I felt immediate recognition and knew that it was my dad.

I am interested to hear: has anybody else experienced something like this with a smart speaker? Is this a common way that the deceased would contact you?

Posted on Reddit by blubberlove.

Alexa, I dont want to live anymore he said to his echo dot in a nonchalant manner.

As the room began to fill up with a lethal gas his horror peaked at the machines answer, okay

Posted on Reddit by JaytiW93.

Should I move?? Tell it to leave or do I leave? Help!

So I moved a state away into my apartment in October with 2 roommates who I didnt really know and are rarely home. They are home a couple days a week max. The first thing I noticed in my apartment is it is poorly maintained . I thought it was a creepy vibe when they flicker a little in the kitchen but nothing scary. During my first shower in the apt, I felt intensely watched. Very weird but it was a glass shower so I thought maybe that was it.

Things continued to happen and I would try to make excuses for them while it got worse the longer Ive been living here. I noticed even if the thermostat was unchanged, it was freeeezing cold sometimes for no reason. The TV will turn off or on randomly. Alexa will say sorry Im having trouble hearing you when there is no noise. I noticed things would go missing or were moved (all the cabinet doors opened every morning). My roommates dog gets super freaked out there and she took the dog to live with her parents bc of it. There are also noises when no one else is there and things fall randomly. I started thinking this is weird and but still not freaked out yet.

After a couple months, one of 3 lights in the bathroom started flickering or would go out randomly. I thought it was the bulb or wires but it will go for weeks without a problem and then start flickering or going off and back on. Its been getting worse. It sometimes it flickers intermittently, other times it will go out and come back on minutes to a day later. Sometimes its a mixture but it only does that when I specifically (not my roommates) am in there.

Its started to happen in the kitchen too. I checked the bulb and it seems fine. I also noticed cold sports and get chills when there is no air flow. Im feel touched in the bathroom every time Im in there now. Still hoping its electrical issues but I started feeling really watched at night and havent slept with the light off in months. I have images of a being in my house pop in my head while Im trying to sleep randomly and i dont want to think about. Someone suggested I tell it to leave. Idk if its a ghost or I should move because I was about to renew my lease. I dont want to aggravate anything to be more aggressive. What should I do?

Posted on Reddit by Radiant-Badger-6274.

Alexa, tell me the weather.

I dont have to listen to you anymore.

Posted on Reddit by I_am_Enoch.

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