SOMBRA Describes the Headspace of a "Normal Human"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Layers, SOMBRA's "Normal Human" plays in layers of lush, languid sound; soft and sombre, tense and tranquil. It's unknown and unfamiliar.

Layers can lead to lost meaning in music, but listeners will lose themselves in those this track throws together.

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Sheer. Solid. Stony. Broken to bits.
A wall is a wall. Don't fall.

No guarantee you'll see it on arrival.

The hits keep coming. Climb for survival.

"I'm alive. I'm awake..."

"Normal Human" is brimming with a marvelous mixup of melodic elements, each meshing miraculously with the rest. Choral vocals tease your temporal lobe like light feather flicks across bare skin, resonant synths pulse as flickering lights and breakbeat percussion punctuates the mix like echoing knocks on a door.

Simple square signal sounds chirp in robotic repetition throughout the song, sounding something like a phone left lying following a failed call. Metaphor? Maybe.

Air spans out in all directions in "Normal Human," producing a powerfully spacious mix in the process. It's the sound of a chasm gaping beneath you, yawning and yearning to swallow you whole.

"Normal Human" must be heard to be fully understood. Understand? No? Listen.

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