SOMA's "Slow" is A Fast-Track to Feels-Ville

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Old-school feels rise to a boil in SOMA's fresh new tune "Slow".

Ecstatic retro reverie with a jolt of soul sells this song, sending your senses into overdrive.

Alive and in love...

Life, love, and to lose it... All in a whisper...

To know and still do it...

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Let's pretend we feel the way we used to do..."

Channeling Janet, Whitney and Vanessa W., SOMA spreads soul-stuff over throwback trappings in "Slow".

Glistening guitar reacts with bubbly synthesized keys and stabby padded notes. Buzzy bass notes sweep the spectrum as percussive bits and pieces snap and clap at a toe-tapping tempo.


Love undercover... No words - let the magic work. SOMA soothes and enthralls at once in "Slow," holding heart strings in tune as she tells of a broiling breakup.

This song sends you way back when with a big bag of modern goodies to go. Get into it with a button press below.

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