SØDR Has Been "Without You" Far Too Long

Odd Nugget Social-done

Easygoing groove with crystallized reggae style reverberates space in SØDR's "Without You".

Tilt your head back and take it all in...

Sandy feet and a sunny smile...

To walk a mile in shoes, as one...

To walk a mile in none, as two...

It's hard to feel poor on a beach with you.


"I can't go on without you..."

Vocals drift, distant, dear, dissolving in a swarm of sounds. Sounds settle into every crevasse in "Without You" as SØDR weaves melody into harmony.

Guitar glides, organic, over echoing tones, tuneful. Tasteful, the mix in "Without You" feels well-populated without pushing over-population. Percussion spans the spectrum without obstructing the many melodic structures at play.

Reggae rhythm rocks the foundation of this track alongside other essential elements of the genre. But, make no mistake, this is EDM through and through, roots and all. Analogue and digital meet mid-continuum for but a moment in "Without You". It's a very enjoyable moment.

This is quintessential chill music. You can't help but relax with this on replay. Turn it on and turn it up.

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