Social Gravy Completely Recreate Our Vision of "California"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Smooth, rhythmic magic is the stuff Social Gravy's "California" is made of.

Melancholy melody meets the storied state of Cali in this track.

You were sold high hopes...

You were billed years after. The life you chase moves faster.

Out of breath, you hang heavy on the ropes.


"Though she's alone, many adore her..."

Like spiced Californication, "California" casts shadowy praise over the wavering mirage of the sun-baked state it's named after.

Moody melody makes its way from strings to ears to souls as "California" comes cascading in. The chorus plays exultant, at odds with the difficult, dismal reality of life portrayed in the lyrics.


Hopes mellow to dreams then melt away in "California". A tale is told to a shifting rock tempo; that of struggle and strife in pursuit of 'the life'. Looming neutral is the land itself, a state that evokes a state of mind you can't quite place. "California" as a song, truly embodies the place.

"California" comes at you with a mixed bag of musings, melodic. A thought, a prayer put to tune, this track takes its topic surprisingly seriously, delivering us a lively listen with earthbound grace. Play it.

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